5 key considerations before buying luxury property

5 key considerations before buying luxury property

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You must know that I am a big fan of luxurious home! If you would come to think of it, who wouldn’t be? Recently on my visit to Gran Canaria, to a friend’s place, turned out to be a great learning experience for me as I am forever interested in property dealings. It can come across as an unusual taste because after all, you might say what can be interesting about properties? But if you have ever visited some grand luxurious properties or hotels (like I have, due to me and my husband constantly travelling), then you need no further explanation. A home is definitely a luxury because we all experience it very personally and though the definition of ‘luxury’ may be subjective, there are nonetheless certain parameters to judge when a property is luxurious or not.


My friend and I went looking for a dozens of properties and settled at nothing but one of the best luxury real estate in Gran Canaria. We wanted the best that could fit our budget without asking us to compromise much on our expectations and we are so glad we got it! You might think that or actually you won’t because being a “miniature continent”, it isn’t easy to buy that perfect luxury real estate in Gran Canaria. But the fact that needs more attention is that you should keep certain key factors in mind while pursuing a luxury property, no matter where you are looking for it.

Let us explore five such important considerations you should never forget while buying luxury property:


Location is the boss –

What is the use of having a luxury property is you can’t even show it off because it is situated on periphery. Developers might think that luxury is limited to the property’s infrastructure but that is certainly not the case when it comes to real estate. A luxury property is equally defined by its plush surrounding area which should speak of its grandiose. So don’t even consider a property which is not located in a sophisticated area.

Low density population –

Low density population

Trust me there is no luxury in living on a property which feels like living in a market area. With as much less a population it can be, go for the property that feels like it truly solely belongs to you. Be the king of your property.

An experienced real estate agent –

real estate agent


Like we chose a top player in real estate agent in Gran Canaria, Real Estate My Home, you should choose a real estate agent wisely too. Don’t go for the ones who make grand promises of easy and cheaper property but look into profiles of real estate agents yourself. After all luxury is not cheap, and so should not your consideration no.

Security –



You don’t want your luxury property to become a meat for burglars and thieves right? So don’t let that happen! Check for a fully secured system to be a vital consideration while buying your luxury property.

Basic Amenities

Basic Amenities


Once all of the a above criterias are ticked marked, look for a sure shot availability of basic amenities like water, electricity, and even parking space! I mean, why would call it a home if it can’t provide you with the basics in the first place!

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