5 Most Commonly Sought After Features in Today’s New Homes

5 Most Commonly Sought After Features in Today’s New Homes

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In every generation there are trends that evolve in new homes and in recent years it is becoming increasingly obvious that trends are changing. Builders around the country are reporting that there are common features that buyers are looking for and as a result, architects are being asked to incorporate these commonly sought after features in today’s new homes when laying out their plans.

1. Living Rooms Have Given Way to the Great Room

There was a time when the family would gather around the fireplace in the living room and share stories of the day’s events before retiring for the evening. Dinner was the focal point in the family’s interaction and afterwards they would perhaps watch a movie together, play a game of cards or simply sit together as a cohesive unit. Today the living room has given way to a great room which is a larger, multipurpose room that often has a computer station, a gaming system and yes, the fireplace is still there, but usually it is more functional that decorative.

Today’s family is likely to see the fireplace as a source of additional heat in the winter and will often search for a firewood delivery service to ensure there is always a sufficient amount for when it is needed. Companies such as www.premierfirewoodcompany.com not only deliver the firewood but will stack it as part of the service.

2. Energy Efficient Windows

With the rising cost of energy and the dwindling supply of resources, energy efficient windows in new home constructions are in great demand. Sometimes referred to low-e windows, these are designed to prevent the loss of heat in the winter and cooled air in the summer.

3. Bonus Room over the Garage

Although homebuyers today are looking for smaller homes, they aren’t willing to sacrifice the spaciousness of older homes. For this reason, many are requesting that bonus room over the garage so that they have ‘room to grow’ if the need arises.

4. Larger Kitchens

For decades, kitchens were being built smaller and smaller until they reached a point where there was little room to do anything but prepare meals in that amount of space. Families either sat in the dining room to eat, which was on a rare occasion or in front of television with TV trays. Today’s kitchens are noticeably larger as families are looking for space for a kitchen table. It is thought that this is in an effort to spend more quality time together because other times of the day, they are off doing their own thing. For whatever reason, larger kitchens are in great demand.

5. Solar Panels as Part of the Roofing System

Finally, another common feature that more and more homebuyers are requesting is solar panels installed on the roofing systems. This not only helps to offset the ever-increasing cost of electricity but is also a key way in which to conserve resources that may one day be depleted.

Whether you are a home builder looking at what consumers are in the market for or a home buyer seeking a trendy new home in 2016, these are the most commonly sought after features in today’s new homes. However, there is one common thread throughout and that is conservation. Today’s homes are designed to save money and save resources, taking us safely into the 21st Century. That’s the home of today in a nutshell.

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