6 important things to consider while you deal with concrete companies

6 important things to consider while you deal with concrete companies

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Concrete, the humble building material, has come a long way. Today, there are so many options available that allow you to use concrete as a decorative material for flooring and pathways. There is stained concrete, stamped concrete, overlays, and so much more to explore. When you want to refurbish your home or remodel your garden area with concrete pathways, you must contact professional concrete companies to get an affordable price quote and the exact time duration for getting your refurbishment complete.

However, the rise in price of oil has meant that the overall costs of home renovations have gone up too, which include concreting. If you are looking to hire concreting companies for your home renovation project, here are a few negotiation tips that can help you bring the costs down by as much as 10-15%. This can happen only when you contact experienced contractors working in reputed concrete companies.

What are the things to consider when you deal with concrete companies?

  1. Be as detailed about the work at hand as possible

Let’s say you want to get your pathway concreted with some fancy options. When explaining the job to concreting companies, be as detailed as possible about what you want. Specify the kind of concreting you want the color that you are looking for, the purpose of the job et al. When you prioritize your requirements, then the concrete companies also employ skilled workers to get the best for you.

  1. Ask for an itemized breakdown

When you hire concreting companies, ask for an itemized breakdown of the project. The company should give you a cost estimate against heads such as labor, material, time-taken et al. When you break it down, you will be able to negotiate the cost with concrete companies better. For example, if you feel the labor charges are somewhat on the higher side, you could negotiate on those separately to bring the cost down. But negotiation shall definitely not make you settle for unskilled labors at a cheap cost.

  1. Invite bids from different concrete companies

Concreting is a competitive business. Use this to your advantage. Invite bids from at least 3-5 different concrete companies, and don’t be shy in telling the companies that. Most often, companies are willing to negotiate when they sense competition taking the project. Inviting bids from different concrete companies also helps you to compare pricing, and get a general idea of how much your project should cost. Thus, it puts you in a better position to negotiate.

  1. Negotiate maintenance

Concrete floors, especially decorative concreting, require some level of maintenance from time to time. If there are any separate clauses and costs regarding the service and the maintenance, then also you can negotiate with two or more companies. If you can get the maintenance at a reasonable extra cost, it is a win for you.

Caveats when negotiating with concrete companies

While negotiating is all good, try not to fall in these traps:

  1. Don’t go for the lowest bid

The cheapest is almost never the best option. Licensed concrete companies are insured and have quality personnel, which leads to higher overheads. Thus, they will always charge a higher price. If you have any confusion about the completion of any project, then you can ask for certain samples from the contractor. In the long run, you can also ask to create a sample statement for you so that you can actually see how they will do the work in future.

  1. Don’t negotiate on the timelines

Often, homeowners tend to negotiate on timelines to bring down the cost of a project. However, when it comes to concreting, it is not such a good idea. If there is excess moisture, or the concrete is not allowed enough time to set, it will not hold true.

Thus, never negotiate on timelines with concrete companies. You can search from the internet, to get in touch with reputed and certified concrete companies.

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