7 Simple Ideas to Help You Sell Your Home

7 Simple Ideas to Help You Sell Your Home

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According to an article in the Telegraph, the average time for a house to sell in the UK is 6 weeks, but some houses take much longer than that. So why is it that some houses sell as soon as they are put on the market, while others take months or even years? Sellers often thinkthat it is the price that is influencing the sale, or may try to blame external factors like the distance to the shops and theirneighbours. Though these factors certainly do influence a sale, they are not the usual reason a house does not sell; the usual reason is the way the house is presented. With that in mind, here a few ideas that should encourage a buyer to make an offer you can’t refuse.


The Garden

You may not be selling your garden, but it needs to be as impressive as your house. This is the first thing somebody will see, so make sure it is clean and tidy. Throw out any rubbish you may have collected over time, and remove any garden furniture that is not in tip top condition. A rusty barbecue in the corner of your garden may be usable to you, but it is an eyesore to a buyer.

The Front Door

Get it painted and put some nice furniture on it. A shiny door with a gleaming knocker and number on it will subliminally be getting a potential buyer ready for a similar impression inside. Choose your colour to suit the rest of the property, and make sure there are no paint or varnish runs to spoil the effect


All of your external paintwork should be cleaned (if not painted) and any moss or algae removed from walls. You can hire a pressure washer for a day, and clean all of the outside surfaces of your property, including the paths and driveway, and the impression of clean paint work and brickwork will stun you as much as a buyer.


If you don’t clear up the clutter in your home it will look like a bombsite to visitors. Take all of your clutter and remove it from the property. If you put it in cupboards or in the attic it will look as though your house is not big enough when a buyer opens any door; and that is a sure fire no-sale. Ask a friend or relative if you can store extra belongings in their property while you sell your house; as this way your property will look clean, tidy, and bigger than it does now.


Believe it or not, the way your house smells is one of the most often cited reasons  for a buyer not to make an offer on a property. You may not be able to smell your favourite pet, but your buyer probably can. We get used to the smells around us, and our brains ignore them after a while; but the impression on a buyer is huge. Smells like your pets, un-emptied bins, and old trainers can leave somebody who wants to buy a home with an uncomfortable feeling that they don’t even understand. Air your property regularly, empty bins, and use air fresheners when buyers are coming


This is the most important room in your house, so make it look special. Make sure it looks clean and hygienic, and is uncluttered. Your cabinets and work surfaces will have the biggest effect, and if you can afford to have a bespoke kitchen fitted by a professional company (check out miketaylorbespokekitchens.co.uk for some great kitchens at great prices) then do so. If not, make sure that what you have is in good working order, and doesn’t look dishevelled. This is an area where investment will definitely reap some reward.


Yes, it does matter. Make your home look bigger than it is by removing all unnecessary furniture, painting walls light colours, and moving your furniture to the outside of every wall. You will be surprised how big your home can look with a bit of thought.

If you follow these tips to sell your home, your chances of selling your house will increase greatly. However, there is one more thing that can help sell your home that is worth considering… space. Give a potential buyer space to look around your property. You should point out the benefits of your property, but also allow people to look around on their own and talk things over.

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