7 Ways to Save Money on Energy Costs

7 Ways to Save Money on Energy Costs

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As the weather gets colder, the energy bills begin to climb, as people seek to keep the interior of their homes comfortable for everyone in the house. It can be difficult to adequately heat an older house, especially when draughts exist near windows and doors. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can keep your energy bills under control.

Move Furniture

Studies have found that up to 42% of people have furniture blocking their radiators. This prevents warm air from being able to circulate throughout the room. If you feel cold draughts in a room, check whether any of your furniture is placed near radiators, and rearrange it for more efficient airflow.

Use Drier for Clothes

Many people hang damp clothes or towels over a radiator to dry, but this costs more than using the drying machine. Along with blocking airflow, the boiler has to work harder to dry clothes hanging on the radiator. The harder the boiler works, the higher your energy costs rise.

Reduce Temperature

Turning your thermostat down by only one degree Celsius can help reduce your home’s energy bills. Most homes in the UK can save up to £60 per year by doing so, and the one-degree difference usually won’t be noticed at all. If you do feel cold, put on a jumper instead of turning up the heat.

Replace Windows

If you still have single glazed windows in your home, consider replacing them with modern, double-glazed windows. When the cold air outside blows against a single layer of glass, it can make the immediate area around the window much cooler. Choosing windows with double glazing Cheshire will help prevent draughts, as it is harder for the wind to penetrate the two layers of glass and the gas barrier between them.

Add Insulation

If your loft or walls are not insulated, or if they’re poorly insulated with subpar materials, it will naturally increase your energy bills. Most homes without insulation in the lofts can lose up to a quarter of the heat through the roof, which can make your energy bills go through it as well. By adding insulation, you could easily save up to £135 per year, which could pay for the new insulation materials in the first year.

Block Draughts

If there are gaps around your doors or window frames, use caulk or draught excluder strips to block them. This is the easiest way to save on your home’s energy bills and you will notice the difference right away. The materials used to seal gaps tend to be fairly inexpensive, but they can add up to a big savings when you receive your next bill.

Lower Washing Temperature

Heating water to do laundry accounts for approximately 90% of a washing machine’s energy usage. By lowering the temperature from 40C to 30C, you can save a significant amount of money on your energy costs. Your clothes will still be clean and you will actually save money when you wash them.

There are dozens of ways you can save money on your energy bills, and most of them cost little to nothing to implement. Look for easy ways to make changes to save money this winter; you’ll be glad you did.

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