A Guide for Changing Your Address When Moving House

A Guide for Changing Your Address When Moving House

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There will be a plethora of things to attend to once you decide to change the location of your living space. It’s easy to forget things, so making notes can help you remember to do the important things that will help to continue your life as close to normal as possible. One of the most important details of moving house is to notify people of your change of address so that friends and businesses can continue to communicate with you.

Changing Your Basic Contact Information

You won’t have to change your passport address here in the UK but you will need to redirect your Royal Mail address. This can be done online along with changing your address for voting. If you are active in clubs, you should let them know that you are moving and what your new address will be. When you have school and college aged children you will have to notify the administration of each institution to inform them of your house move.

Medical Service Providers

The professionals at www.andrews-removals.com also recommend that you take time to notify all of your health connections about your house move. This will include your dentist, doctor, optician, and any paediatrician that you take your children to see. You may want to telephone each professional separately or you may elect to send one email to all those concerned; this means you’ll only have to send one message to inform all of your contacts of your house move.

Business Service Providers

Remember to inform your accounting department at work, HMRC, and any banking institutions with whom you do business. Depending on the amount of business that you do, your list can be longer than the three entities mentioned above. Be sure to cover each business so that no debts, loans, or bills will be left unpaid.

Utility Service Providers

One of the most time-consuming and tedious tasks that you’ll have with moving house is letting the utility companies know about your move. You’ll need to contact your old service providers to discontinue service and the new ones to begin service at your new location. These will typically include gas, electricity, water, cable, and TV. Make sure to cover both locations to ensure that everything will be turned off at the old address, and turned on at your new location.

Address Changes Related to Your Vehicle

You may need to contact the local authorities or other bodies in connection with your car(s). Will your new home have parking that’s free? Will you need a parking permit? You should also notify those concerned regarding your change of address, for example, vehicle insurance, breakdown recovery, and vehicle registration to name a few. This can prevent confusion should something unforeseen arise with your vehicle.

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