A Guide to Door and Window Replacement

A Guide to Door and Window Replacement

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The doors and windows make up approximately half of the surface area of your home, and sooner or later, they will have to be replaced. Most homes in the UK that were built after the Second World War used softwood frames for doors and windows, and this is not the ideal timber for the British climate. In the years that followed, double glazing took hold and the material preferred for frames became aluminium, which can be treated to be non-corrosive.

Timber Selection

Many homeowners still prefer the natural look of real wood, and with European oak or a hardwood that is pre-treated, the frames will last for many years. Timber is often the choice for a character home, and with the right staining and varnishing, timber takes some beating, as it offers all the benefits of a composite material, yet you retain that natural appearance. For the terrace area, wooden bifold doors add a touch of elegance, and as the units are all hand crafted, they will fit like a glove. The front door offers unlimited design options, and with real timber, you can create something unique.

Aluminium Frames

For the modern home, aluminium is usually the preferred choice, while UPVC also offers a sturdy and durable finish that won’t fade, peel, or crack. Anodised aluminium comes in many colours and finishes, including faux wood grain, which is quite realistic. Aluminium can also be thermally insulated, which greatly reduces condensation, and we all know how bad that can be!

Made to Measure Units

Modern window and door fabrication is all customised, as every building is different, and this allows the homeowner to create practical opening styles, and with period properties, it is possible to use natural materials and enhance the overall look of the building. There are online window replacement companies that have many images of previous projects, and by consulting with such a company, the homeowner would be more aware of the possible options.

Double Glazing

The amount of heat that is lost through a single pane of glass is significant enough to make double glazing essential, and whether you choose timber or aluminium frames, the double glazed units can easily be incorporated into the design. Double glazing eliminates that unsightly condensation, which can eventually cause timber decay, and for those who are really energy conscious, triple glazing retains even more heat.

The Character of the Property

When replacing your windows and doors, you need to select something that works with the overall concept, and if the property is of a country style, then timber would be the way to go. There are online experts who can craft the units to the client’s specifications, and with a professional installation, your new look is complete. For the modern home, slim aluminium frames with sliding openings really does complement the house, and with double glazed units and security locking, your home security is taken to a new level.

Replacing your windows and doors is a big investment, and quality should be at the forefront of your mind, and with the right material and design, the improvement will add significant value to the property.

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