A Look Inside Bill Gates $63 Million Estate

A Look Inside Bill Gates $63 Million Estate

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The man responsible for building the iconic Microsoft is a legend in his own right. Very few other businessmen have earned the right to say they have masterminded the building of a gargantuan empire the sheer size of Microsoft. Sheer ruthlessness, pursuit of excellence and the constant drive and innovation of a true entrepreneur – all driving forces behind Gates’ steamroller ride to the top of his field. But away from the heady heights of the IT business magnates arena, where does Gates spend his spare time? In this article the staff at Grant Elevators have decided to dive right into his personal space for a look at the interior of one of the most famous properties on Earth – the Gates Mansion.

The Gates’ garages boast a variety of designs tailored for each of the twenty three cars they own. Twenty three! In fact, there is even an underground cave which can hold ten of them with ease and given that the construction is concrete and stainless steel, it’s probable that “man cave” is a term not loosely thrown around at the Gates mansion or “Xanadu” as it is affectionately named by Mr Gates himself.

Next we move away from the cars and man caves and make for the cinema building. The Gates home theatre is absolutely stunning and seats twenty two. At a staggering one thousand four hundred square feet, space is at a premium, as is the technology involved (think the offspring of a menage a trois involving THX,  Lucasfilm and Dolby Digital and you’re somewhere close.) And of course there’s a popcorn machine and gorgeous white art deco couches to recline upon while watching the latest flicks.

Carrying on our tour we come to a fantastic, unique room – the personal digital aquarium. In this room, Mr Gates has built himself a personal paradise where he can unwind after a day in the business arena by watching his favourite marine life swim peacefully in the depths of a beautiful ocean landscape. In this particular room he has spared no expense with whales, dolphins, turtles and even the odd diver for company as he listens to whale song and dolphin calls.

The Gates home is built into hillsides to help the home regulate its internal temperature more efficiently and this in itself is a design coup. However, an even more remarkable feature is its glass walls, strategically placed to offer unique and unparalleled views of the stunning Seattle countryside. With slate floors and an abundance of natural light let in by the massive glass walls, Xanadu is a heaven away from heaven.

Gates is an environmentalist at heart and during the construction of his home he asked contractors to ensure that there would be ponds and streams incorporated into the design to allow problems caused by water runoff from his structure to be resolved naturally. Gates keeps his estuaries stocked with trout and various other species of fish.

The Gates mansion is truly a remarkable structure and an unnamed businessman once made a $35,000 donation to Bill Gates charity in order to just get a glimpse of the inside. It’s said that the technology powering the house alone is worth millions which tells you something about the delights that lay hidden within.

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