Are You Having Trouble with Your TV Signal Reception?

Are You Having Trouble with Your TV Signal Reception?

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Television is a service that we tend to take very much for granted these days, but there was certainly a time many decades ago when it was new and novel. Since the analogue TV signals have been switched off around Australia, we are all now receiving digital broadcasts from stations that have greatly expanded their viewing options and channel offerings. For many people in the country and other rural and remote areas though, these digital signals remain elusive and sometimes impossible to receive.

Getting the Best Digital TV Reception

Australia is, of course, a vast country, and this is partly why the tyranny of distance affects many people negatively when it comes to clear TV reception. The best solution to these TV reception problems is to have a professional service perform a satellite installation. What this means is that an expert comes out to your home, assesses what you need, and then installs an appropriate satellite dish on your roof. This enables the following:

  • Clear reception of free to air digital TV channels such as ABC, SBS, and radio
  • The possibility to receive pay TV services like Foxtel and Austar
  • Reception of specialist channels that may be locally produced
  • Broadband satellite internet

Satellite TV is superior because it is not negatively affected by the factors that so often interfere with terrestrial antennas, including electrical interference and weather.

The Benefits of Digital TV

Despite the clear benefits of digital TV, many people in rural areas have yet to experience it fully. Those who are fortunate enough to enjoy digital TV reception through a satellite dish will say that digital TV provides the following clear advantages:

  • Clarity: Unlike analogue TV signals that were constantly broadcasting“snow” due to a poorly received signal, digital TV offers crystal clear audio and video. The caveat is that the TV reception must be strong in order for this to happen, which is exactly why having a satellite installed is the best solution.
  • Channels: Unlike analogue TV, digital TV offers a great deal more bandwidth. Many traditional Australian TV stations have taken advantage of this to offer multiple channels with different programming. In this sense, free to air TV is now getting close to the experience of pay TV.
  • More interactive: Due to the broader bandwidth and better streamlining of digital TV signals, more interactive information can be broadcast, including real time Electronic Program Guides (EPG).

Even Better Internet

Despite promises from multiple governments, much of rural Australia has yet to see evidence of broadband internet connectivity. The NBN is being rolled out at a pace that means many rural customers will not experience good quality high-speed internet for many years to come.

The truth is that these days, the internet is about more than the simple novelty factor. Many people do their shopping, interact with friends and family, consume media, and even interact with work colleagues over broadband connections. For many rural customers, the best and only way to experience faster internet is to have a satellite dish installed. This enables faster internet speeds, as well as higher quality digital TV.

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