Can I Protect My Home from Intruders On a Budget?

Can I Protect My Home from Intruders On a Budget?

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Making the home as secure as possible is the most important thing for many homeowners. However, some people may feel that they cannot sufficiently protect the home because they are on a tight budget.

If you find yourself in this situation, then don’t panic. It is entirely possible to make a home completely safe without having to spend thousands and thousands of dollars. This helpful guide will explain the ways in which you can do this, and then you will have peace of mind.

Don’t Go for “Bargain Basement” Equipment – Even If You Are On a Budget

The most vital thing to take on board is the fact that you should never just buy bargain-basement equipment in order to save some money. The equipment being sold may be defective, so you are actually putting the security of your house at risk.

Common problems with this type of low-quality equipment include flickering or static CCTV images, inefficient alarms, and security gates that don’t close properly. The defective equipment may need to be repaired several times, which will be counterproductive.

Check the quality of the equipment before you buy it. This will ensure that every aspect of your home security system will work perfectly.


Alarms are one of the most important pieces of equipment you will need when securing the home. The alarm will alert you to the presence of burglars if they try to enter your home or your garden. Alarms need to be tested regularly to make sure that they are still working correctly.

Sensors can also be attached to your front gate so that an alarm will sound even before someone reaches the front of the house.

Alarms can be bought for very reasonable prices. Security alarm systems from Aust-Guard Security Services are reliable and cost-effective.


Cameras are an effective tool in the fight against burglars. These can be set up all over the property in order to monitor anyone who is acting suspiciously or trying to break into your house. The images and video can be used to prosecute people if a case goes to court. A good quality camera can be bought for as little as $200.

It is important that you research several different companies before you make the final purchase. You will be able to compare the prices as well as the quality of the security camera.


Gates are another effective way to prevent people breaking into your house. Modern gates are extremely sophisticated because they are fitted with multiple locks. This is a cheaper alternative than using a gate which is protected with a security password. If you are on a budget you might not be able to afford the gates that are fitted with a keypad.

Standard gates which use a traditional locking method should be regularly inspected to make sure that they are in full working order. The gates can be bought for a very reasonable price.

Use this guide to assembling an effective security system on a budget.

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