How Can A Pest Control Company Deal With Bedbugs?

How Can A Pest Control Company Deal With Bedbugs?

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Bedbugs are going to cause problems because you may not be able to sleep at night. These pests can cause severe itching and you may notice that there are bites all over your body.

This is not a situation that you will be able to deal with on a regular basis. You should get in touch with a pest control team as soon as you notice that the bedbugs have started to appear.

How is the pest control company going to deal with bedbugs?

The Technicians Will Inspect The Beds That Have Been Affected

The technicians working for pest control in Barking will inspect all of the beds that have been affected so that they can see how bad the infestation is in the first place.  Then they are going to decide which course of treatment they are going to take.

How Are The Bedbugs Treated?

The bedding is placed inside a diathermic treatment capsule that seals off the room. This is designed to heat everything up until the bedbugs cannot possibly survive at the temperature. There are varying temperatures which can be used.

Fifty-Eight Degrees Celsius

The bed bugs are going to be killed once the machine reaches fifty-eight degrees Celsius. However, this is not the end of the process. The machine can be turned up even more than fifty-eight degrees Celsius.

Sixty-Five Degrees Celsius

Sixty-five degrees is the next temperature that the machine can be turned to, which is going to be useful. At this temperature, all of the soft furnishings are going to be cleaned. This includes the bedding and the curtains.

Seventy-Three Degrees

Seventy-three degrees is the highest setting. This is going to kill viruses and bacteria which happen to be on the bedding. You will be grateful for this treatment.

What Will Happen As A Result Of This Treatment?

The treatment is going to heat the bedding and the furnishings without using any chemicals whatsoever. This is perfect for the environment and is going to ensure that your house remains safe. The bedbugs will be completely removed and you will not have any issues with them.

You can repeat this process in different bedrooms where the bugs happen to appear.

How Long Does The Entire Process Take?

You will be happy to know that the entire process is just going to take one day, so you will not have to wait for a long time for everything to be completed. Time is of the essence, and the pest control team realises this.

What Stage Of The Bedbug Does This Process Deal With?

This heating process deals with all stages of the bedbugs, whether they are eggs or adults. This is important because you do not want the eggs to start hatching in the future and cause problems.


You will be able to get a restful night’s sleep after you have had the bedbugs eliminated. You are not going to be exposed to any harmful chemicals. This process can be repeated on any other bedrooms in the future.

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