How to choose the right colour for your floor

How to choose the right colour for your floor

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Choosing the right colour for your flooring can really make or break your interior design. The choice of colours, tones and finishes can be bewildering and when you consider that it takes years for a good interior decorator to master the art, you may well despair. Don’t worry, with three simple tips you can choose a floor colour that will complement your design and give your interiors the wow factor.

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Consider size

The colour you choose for your flooring can have a major impact on the way you perceive the space in a room. For example, if you want to bring a sense of cosiness to a larger space, consider using a dark, rich wood like a wenge or a walnut. Conversely, in a smaller room, you might find a darker wood oppressive and prefer to keep things light and natural with a pine or a birch effect floor.

A good reference point is oak, which is a perennial favourite. This attractively grained wood comes in every shade from pale beige to warm golden tones and is a good match for most colour schemes.

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Light it up

Before you make a final decision, it makes sense to order some free samples of the flooring you’re considering and then observe them in different light conditions. A sample of cheap laminate flooring, from a trusted supplier like can look very different under daylight than under artificial light.

If your room has plenty of natural light, you might consider a dark and dramatic floor. However, if there’s little light to be had, a lighter floor can give your room a much brighter appeal.

See the bigger picture

Always consider your flooring as part of the bigger design scheme in your room. A red-toned floor can look beautiful with heavy, antique furniture, while brown undertones blend well with most styles of furniture, and are a particularly good match with a relaxed country style decor.

Keep an eye on flooring trends. Scandinavian style white-washed floors give a smart, contemporary edge to your decor, whilst grey floors are the perfect neutral for a stylish and sophisticated scheme, as they tone with most other woods. Keep it neutral if you prefer a blank canvas for future design schemes, or go dark and dramatic for cutting edge glamour and sophistication.

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