Choosing the Right Doors for Upscale Commercial Buildings

Choosing the Right Doors for Upscale Commercial Buildings

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When a developer starts planning new commercial buildings, one of the decisions which must be made is in terms of doors and windows. Although there are countless choices out there, this is a planned upscale commercial building so the doors and windows are of vital importance on a number of levels. Consider the following information if you are in the planning stages of a new build or even looking to give a new face to an old building. From aluminum to solid wood doors, know your options so you can choose the right door for your specific needs.

Custom Sizes

Contrary to popular belief, not all doors on commercial buildings are standard sizes. Some buildings, most in fact, need to have doors wide enough to allow entry for wheelchairs and those using aids such as walkers. It is the law throughout the country that all public buildings be made disability-friendly. If those with special needs cannot enter your premises, chances are you will not pass inspection. In this instance, wooden doors are preferable because they are the easiest to construct per special measurements, the easiest to customize.

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Wood Gives that Ultra-Chic Appeal

Then there is the fact that you are working on an upscale building. There is something about wood doors that lends itself well to upscale design. While aluminum doors may at times be cheaper to buy, that shouldn’t be a consideration when it comes to the aesthetic appeal you are going for. If you are designing (or renovating) an upscale commercial building, you need to use what fits that image and that would almost always be wood. Not only is it easily tailored to any size frame, but the frame itself can be custom built as well. Nothing sparks of classic beauty like real solid hard wood, so that is something you should consider.

Take Enough Time to Consider Your Options

Meeting deadlines is critical when you are in the construction industry as clients expect that building to be occupied yesterday. Their investment can only bring in a return once rents are being paid or the building and/or units are sold. If you aren’t quite sure which type of door would lend itself well to your construction, why not get advice from the supplier America’s largest stock of commercial doors and frames, Doormart USA? It just might be that there is something you’ve missed along the way that would suit your purposes better and it would take someone up on the market to be able to show you the latest innovations and designs.

Constructing high end commercial buildings means that you will need to take more time choosing materials simply because of the type of building it is. You cannot use standard materials when it comes to an upscale building so every choice you make, down to the smallest of hardware, needs to be in terms of the quality you are after. Almost always you will find that wood doors provide the appeal necessary for trendy buildings, but if you aren’t sure, talk to a specialist about the latest trends. You know construction, but they know doors so when in doubt, ask.

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