Commercial Refrigeration Revolutionizes The Modern Food Industry With Numerous Benefits

Commercial Refrigeration Revolutionizes The Modern Food Industry With Numerous Benefits

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We have all been to supermarkets to get our grocery, and picked up ice creams, yogurt, milk, cheese, frozen foods in a hurry in order to avail the weekend discounts. But have we ever taken a second look at the devices that not only store these huge quantities of foods but also manage to keep them fresh for every buyer? These huge freezers and refrigerators commonly seen at the departmental stores, ice cream parlors and restaurants constitute a very important part of commercial refrigeration.

What exactly is Commercial Refrigeration?

  • Just as the name suggests, refrigeration techniques used in commercial dining facilities and kitchens to keep foods fresh for customers is commercial refrigeration.
  • They are a crucial part of the modern food industry, as nearly the entire food industry is based on advanced food preservation techniques. Commercial refrigeration is indispensable in cold storages, groceries, supermarkets, convenience stores, etc.
  • It has a huge impact on the economy, as the import and export of foods, as well as food transportation is only possible as they remain fresh for long periods of time. Absence of commercial freezing of foods would completely ruin the food retail industry.

Different Types of Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Commercial refrigerators, freezers and refrigerator cum freezers are available in various models, pertaining to the specific temperature settings for different foods.

  • Refrigerators cum freezers with solid doors – These are generally used in cold storages to maintain food freshness for a long time. These foods are usually stored to be transported to distant overseas markets.
  • Refrigerators with transparent doors – They are commonly seen in the supermarkets and the departmental stores with butter, yogurt and other milk products. Frozen vegetables and other frozen foods are also stored here.
  • Freezers with transparent doors – Ice creams find place in freezers with sliding transparent doors. Even frozen meat is also kept in here for better freshness.

The Science behind Commercial Refrigeration

  • The basic principle behind any refrigeration technique is drawing away heat from the object and artificially cooling it.
  • Commercial refrigeration uses the same technique, and in this the liquid is made to turn into gas by drawing heat from the surroundings. In this way, the foods in the freezer become cooler with the expense of liquid turning into gas.
  • Though this sounds very simple, in actuality it is not so. Attaining such low temperatures is not an easy job and considerable electricity is burnt to circulate the liquid and lower the temperature.

Electricity Usage in Commercial Refrigeration

  • Artificially attaining low temperatures requires electricity. Depending on the degree of temperature maintained, which depends on the kind and the period of time the food is going to be preserved, electricity is consumed.
  • In general, electricity usage is quite high for commercial refrigeration. But with modern energy saving and energy efficient devices being developed in keeping with the energy standards specified by the governments, electricity consumption has come down over the last few years.

The Side Effects of Commercial Refrigeration

  •  Before 1938, almost all commercial refrigerators used ammonia, but the chances and the hazards of ammonia leakage forced all ammonia using freezers and refrigerators getting replaced by CFC using freezers and refrigerators.
  • There are many positives of refrigeration techniques used for the greater good of mankind. As more and more people are moving away from farms and villages (sources of food) to bigger towns and cities in search of better prospects, food preservation has become indispensable, and with that commercial refrigeration has become crucial. But the harmful gases and the chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs emitted, as by-products of refrigeration are known to have disastrous effects on the earth’s atmosphere and so on plant and animal life on earth.
  • As even CFCs are now scientifically proven for the hazards, more energy efficient and environment friendly devices are being developed in recent times.

Here above all the information about commercial refrigeration. If you want to know more details so you can browse the internet and getting more informative details about these refrigeration.

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