Considerations for Choosing Home Security Systems

Considerations for Choosing Home Security Systems

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Protecting your family and property should be your primary goals when selecting a home security system, but there are many types of systems you will need to consider. By doing some research online, you can learn more about the different options and make some decisions before calling security companies. Here are some of the options you should consider before choosing a security system.

To Monitor or Not

There are two basic types of security systems from which to choose: wired or wireless. A wired system alerts you to intruders once the system has been breached. Sometimes signs warning would-be intruders about the presence of a security system is enough to deter them, but sometimes it isn’t.

A wireless system is monitored by a security company 24 hours a day. Along with intrusions, you can opt to have them monitor your property with smoke alarms to detect potential fires and carbon monoxide alarms for dangerous levels of CO. Although you have to pay a fee to the company for monitoring your home, they will alert the appropriate authorities if an alarm is triggered.

Read Reviews

Websites with reviews about products can be very helpful when you’re trying to decide which company to contract with for a security system. They often list the options offered by each company they provide information on, such as Frontpoint Security reviews, so you know what products they have available. Most websites are independent of the companies being reviewed, so they provide fair evaluations of their services.

They may also provide information about the installation process for each company’s services. The reviews will let you know if it’s a self-installed system or if the company installs it. They will also provide information on the monthly costs associated with each system the companies offer.

Risk Assessments

When a security company comes out to give a risk assessment, have them check the perimeter of your home as well as the inside. An external system is the most effective against would-be burglars or intruders because it alerts you to their presence before they can do anything. Often lights that come on when movement is sensed is enough to deter criminals.

The security companies will also assess the interior of your home and map out where all the entry points are located. They will then configure a system so the entire home is covered by their detectors. This will ensure every point of entry, including a pet door, is covered so no one can get into your home without the security company being alerted.

There are far more options today than there used to be for security systems, including adding cameras and mobile phone apps so you can monitor your home when you’re away from it. You can be alerted on your mobile if someone is at your door, monitor pets when you’re at work, or check up on your children after they’ve come home from school. With a little research, you can learn about these options and discuss available options with local security companies.

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