Cooling Your Home without Breaking the Bank

Cooling Your Home without Breaking the Bank

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After suffering through five solid months of endless snowfall and untenably cold temperatures, summer is once again upon us. Although you were initially elated by summertime’s return, it didn’t take long for the intense heat to wear you down. In many respects, the sweltering heat of summertime is as inconvenient as the relentless cold of winter. To make matters worse, keeping your home consistently cool throughout the season stands to cost you’re a small fortune. Luckily, the following tips can help your family stay cool all summer long without requiring you to spend a bundle.

Have Your Central AC Serviced Annually

When looking for cost effective ways to stay cool, having your central air conditioner serviced annually should be at the top of the list. If left un-serviced for extended periods of time, these devices fall victim to clogs and worn-down parts. This means that they have to expend more energy to cool your home, thus resulting in inflated power bills. However, by having an experienced heating and cooling expert service the device at the beginning of every summer, you can save yourself a great deal of money. During his visit, this person will thoroughly inspect the device’s interior, break up any clogs that have formed and swap out any old or defective components.

Install Ceiling Fans in Your Home

Since running your central air conditioner 24/seven can be pricey, consider installing ceiling fans throughout your home. These handy fans will circulate the cool air produced by your AC, thus eliminating the need for the device to be left on indefinitely. So once the sun goes down, turn off your central air conditioner and fire up the ceiling fans. This will enable your family to sleep comfortably without ratcheting up energy costs. Additionally, you can program certain central AC units to turn themselves off once your home reaches a certain temperature. Once the device shuts itself down, simply turn on the fans and enjoy the cool air.

Invest in an Above-Ground Swimming Pool

Taking a refreshing dip in a swimming pool is a great way to beat the summertime heat. Unfortunately, in-ground swimming pools take months to build, require a ridiculous amount of maintenance and cost upwards of $20,000. Alternatively, most above-ground pools can be purchased for under $1,000 and are easy to put together and disassemble. So once fall rolls around, you’ll have no problem taking your above-ground pool apart and storing it in your garage, basement or attic until the following summer. If you’re on an exceptionally tight budget, you’ll be pleased to learn that inflatable above-ground pools are readily sold for under $100.

Although many people prefer summer to winter, there’s no denying that this season’s extreme heat can be very uncomfortable. Fortunately, staying cool throughout the balmy summer months doesn’t have to constitute a huge expenditure. Anyone looking to beat the heat on a budget is urged to have their central AC units serviced annually, install ceiling fans throughout their home and invest in an affordable above-ground swimming pool.

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