Different Varieties of Security Screen doors

Different Varieties of Security Screen doors

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Screen doors do not only provide protection to your home and property, but they also enhance the overall look of your house. Magnetic screen doors definitely have more advantages over the framed screen doors, as the magnetic doors are easy to operate, and they also protect your home and office from the invasion of insects.

What are the different types of screen doors?

  • Aluminum framed in general such types of doors are constructed using two prominent methods-extruded and roll formed. In both these methods the various extruded and roll formed shapes of aluminum are joined together in to the frame of door by making use of the metal screws and corners.
  • In the roll formed doors, they are made using thin sheets of aluminum which are put into the door frame of rectangular shape and for holding the screen material, incorporates a screen channel.
  • These are quite cost effective to be manufactured as they make use of the thin sheets of aluminum. They have mitered corners, in to which an alloy corner made up of steel or aluminum is forced by making use of a friction fit methodology.

What are the benefits of magnetic screen doors when compared to the framed screen doors?


  • The magnetic screen doors are more light weight and easy to install, and they utilize less space than the wooden or the framed screen doors. The door frames made using the process of magnetism, can be either joined by making use of the aluminum alloy corners or by nothing out and joining together with the help of screws which fits in the screw holes.
  • When you install the magnetic screen doors, you must ensure that the screen doors are not just glued with any type of magnet, but that a superb quality heavy magnet is used to hold the sides and hinges of the door in proper position.
  • The magnetic screen doors are hands free and easily accessible, for instance, if you have a baby or an aged person at home, you or they can easily open these doors.
  • The extruded doors have high durability and thus last for longer duration of time. They can be repaired easily, in case of corner breaks, it is possible to insert new corners even without losing the fit of friction so as to hold the door together.

Wood-framed screen doors

  • Wood framed– With the help of the custom carpentry and production services, both hinged and sliding doors are developed which are used for the aesthetic style as well as for the sustainable applications in the buildings. As the name suggests, these types of doors are made using wooden frames along with the security screens for the prevention of the flies and insects.

What are retractable screen doors?

Security Screen Doors

  • The retractable screen doors-They are an alternative to the sliding doors which are built in such a way that they disappear out of our sight in their protective casing. Such types of casings are mounted in various possible ways. If we consider the inside mount technique, the door is easily flushed with the door frame. In case of surface mount, the casings are mounted over the surface of the frame. Lastly, the casings can be developed inside the walls so that both the door and its casing will recess out of the way of individuals. A spring roller is loaded vertically in these doors.

The material of the screen is attached to the roller and its other side is attached to a sliding bar which rides over the bottom and top tracks. In order to open and close the screen, the bar is moved forth and back which is held by a magnetic closure. So you can try to install different types of screen doors in your home or at your commercial place.  Just go through this link and get more valuable information about security screen doors.


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