Do You Have Dead Or Dying Trees On Your Property? Take Control Now

Do You Have Dead Or Dying Trees On Your Property? Take Control Now

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Have you noticed that your landscaping isn’t what it used to be? The presence of dead or dying trees on your property can lower your home’s value and cause a number of other problems. Fallen limbs can be hazardous to your surroundings and the environment itself. Dead or dying trees can attract insects and pests and cause mold and diseases to fester inside the trunk and branches. Not to mention that it’s simply an eye sore for any homeowner.

No one wants to sit around worrying about an errant tree branch breaking off and hurting their child. They don’t want to fret about a possible outbreak of termites spreading from a dead tree to their house or lightning setting an old, dead tree ablaze. Furthermore, the space taken up by a dead or dying tree could be better allotted to a brand new healthy sapling, flowerbed, fire pit, rock garden or freshly sprouted grass. If you don’t want undo harm to come to your home and family, take control of the dead or dying trees on your property as soon as you can.

Tree removal is not as easy as it might seem. For starters, it is definitely not a “do it yourself” type of operation. In addition to the training, there is a lot of specialized, expensive equipment involved in removing a tree. The intensive process may require heavy-duty trucks with cranes, powerful chain saws, a wood chipper and a host of other tools. This is why tree removal is often a task delegated to the professionals.

It simply takes training and skill to master the techniques of safely removing a large tree. Arborists understand the complicated ecological conditions of a tree’s root systems so they can take it away without permanently damaging the surrounding environment. To avoid injuries, property damage and to get the job done right, families should call in a qualified tree removal organization in their area. Low-impact, controlled rigging allows for the efficient removal of any tree, piece by piece, regardless of how old or large it may have grown.

To get started, book a consultation with a qualified company that has a great reputation. If you’re based in the Edmonton, Alberta area, Chipps Tree Care is a certified arborist organization that specializes in safe and effective tree removal. You can book a free consultation with them by heading to for more information. During this initial meeting, they will assess the exact condition of the damaged trees on your property. They can prune the tree if it is still salvageable and can also quickly get it out of the way. The same company will normally offer stump removal services should you wish to see that tree completely disappear. With smaller or shallow-rooted trees, it may be possible to just uproot a dead or dying tree. The experts will know what is the best course of action in each case.

Your tree may have died due to infestation, disease, a lightning strike or sadlyjust from “old age.” While you may be sad to see it go, a professional tree service can turn it into firewood and mulch. Dead or dying trees don’t serve anyone. If you love the trees on your property, give them a second life by working with a tree removal expert.

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