Do You Suspect a Leak? Call a Plumber Immediately

Do You Suspect a Leak? Call a Plumber Immediately

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A leak can appear minor. However, that type of drip is far from small. Even if it is a drip that seems inconsequential, it can lead to a major plumbing repair. That is why you need to take any type of leak seriously – seriously enough to contact a plumber immediately.

Identifying a Slab Leak – A Major Plumbing Repair

One of the most expensive and troublesome leaks is a slab leak. When additional moisture accesses the slab, a home’s foundation will start to deteriorate. If this occurs, the whole property is at risk of collapse. Fortunately, when you call on expert plumbers, they can take care of his hazard without delay, and even make sure that any further moisture problems are prevented.

Why You Need to Address a Slab Leak without Delay

A slab leak occurs under a layer of concrete that is normally several millimetres thick. The piping is found underneath this foundation. When one of the pipes is leaking, it is identified as a slab leak.

When a slab leak occurs, additional water seeps through the concrete’s crevices and cracks beneath the foundation. When this happens, the moisture flows upward, forcing any gaps to expand. As time evolves, mould and mildew begin to develop as well. Therefore, when one slab leak is overlooked, it can cause an entire house to shift. Naturally, this is not the type of problem you want to overlook, as it can lead to severe structural damage or the loss of your home.

In order to take care of this type of issue, the slab and pipes need to be repaired once the leak is discovered. This typically includes accessing the concrete slab and replacing the leaky pipes. Next, new cement is laid to repair the foundation. This type of repair can take a good deal of time if the leak is fairly large.

Do You Hear Water Running?

According to professionals at companies like Prestige Plumbers, you probably have a slab leak if you can hear the sound of running water when you are not running the water through your taps or shower head. In addition, if you see cracks in your floor or walls, or additional moisture beneath the carpeting, you more than likely have this type of leak.

How much are you paying for water usage? If your water bill suddenly has becomes higher, you should arrange to have your home checked for leaks. Once a leak is discovered, a plumber may fix the problem in one of two specific ways. For example, if the leak is noted in a certain location, the slab in opened up at the site, as noted, in order to fix the leak.

In other cases, the plumber may suggest re-piping the line. This technique is normally suggested in older systems that are susceptible to leaks.

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