Don’t Give Criminals a “Window” of Opportunity to Enter Your Home

Don’t Give Criminals a “Window” of Opportunity to Enter Your Home

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No matter how we try to secure our homes, they are still not impregnable. However, if one person is trying to enter a home, his or her opportunities are substantially more limited. When you profile the average intruder, he or she is usually someone who is fairly desperate.

Because of this factor, the typical burglar is an opportunist and therefore is not fully equipped to deal with most in-place security. Entry and egress for a burglar means the method must be fast and quick and not draw attention to the perpetrator.

Windows with Glazing

That is why uPVC windows with glazing are the preferred choice of many homeowners. Not only do the windows save energy but they also secure a homeowner’s premises. Not only that, these types of windows increase and retain the heating or cooling in the home environment, which leads to savings on energy consumption.

That is because the multi-chamber profile of these kinds of windows contributes to excellent sound absorption and thermal insulation. Heat and cold are retained in the summer and winter times. As a result, double glazing options make it possible to enjoy a safer, quieter, and more comfortable environment.

Types of Window Designs

Plus, when you make the choice of uPVC replacement windows, you can choose from an array of standard colours by special order. Windows are featured as tilt-and-turn windows, fixed windows, and sliding designs.

These kinds of windows are the ultimate in replacement upgrades as they feature certified A-rated efficiency, a high level of security, a durable frame, and virtually maintenance-free features. Ideal for replacement or new build projects, these kinds of units are as versatile as they are secure. Use the windows for small bathrooms or conservatories. They can also be placed as massive feature windows.

If you are interested in uPVC windows that feature double glazing, then you will want to know more about the process. These types of windows are fitted with two panes of glass. A space from 12mm to 16mm is allowed between the two panes. This gap is filled with normal or argon air and is held in place with a space bar.

How Double-Glazing Saves on Energy

Double glazing is used to further insulate the window. In other words, the space between the panes serves as an insulating layer that inhibits the passage of cold or hot air. Therefore, double-glazed uPVC windows enable you to save a good deal on the cost of energy.

As mentioned, these kinds of windows also reduce outside noise. You can even live close to a highway or airport and not be disturbed by the any of the commotion. Also, these kinds of panes are hard to break. If multi-point locks are fitted to the windows, they become one highly-secure upgrade.

So, if you are seeking a window replacement that will save you money on your energy costs and reduce the level of outside noise, you cannot do better than uPVC-type windows. Besides their security features, the windows are also an affordable alternative to other window styles made of wood or aluminium.

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