Dos and don’ts to know while using LPG Cylinders

Dos and don’ts to know while using LPG Cylinders

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LPG gas

LPG doesn’t need any introduction because of its role in the household. But, those who use it need to adopt certain precautions like the LPG safety device to safeguard all that is dear to us. It is necessary to remember that LPG is one of the most inflammable gases.

Dos & don’ts for LPG cylinders:

1) Check the seal of the LPG cylinder: You must always check the seal of the LPG cylinder when it is delivered to your house. This is important to ensure that the cylinder has not been tampered with before delivery. This is the first step towards the gas safety.

2) Check the cylinder on delivery: Ask the gas delivery man to unseal the cylinder, connect the regulator and ignite the stove to check for anomalies. This is needed to ensure that the cylinder is not faulty and will cause no problems thereafter.

3) Keep the regulator clean: Both the regulator and insides of the valve must be free from dust, rusts or any other foreign particles. This should be done to prevent mishaps. For instance, the regulator may not be fixed properly or there can be gaps that may lead to leaks.

Do check your regulator periodically. This is the major LPG safety device among all other devices.

4) Keep the cylinder clean: Cylinders at the time of delivery are left mostly unclean. This can potentially expose your kitchen area to health hazards. Apart from that, the dust particles can come in touch with the gas safety devices and introduce a risk factor.

5) Keep the gas pipes clean: You must maintain the hygiene of the gas pipe through which the LPG cylinder. This will doubly ensure that your LPG safety devices are functioning at par with the requirement.

6) Use gas fuse device: You should use a gas fuse device from the reputed manufacturers. This will reduce the risk of LPG leakage to a great extent and will ensure the functionality of the other gas safety devices installed there.

7) Don’t leave the burner on:You must not leave the burners of the gas stove on even if the regulator has been turned off. Because, a situation like this can leave you unguarded against possible disasters.

8) Don’t leave the regulator on: Every time you use the LPG cylinder, you must make it a point to turn off the regulator to avoid any leaks. The chances of mishaps increase many manifolds from forgetting to switch off the regulator. You must always turn off the regulator after use.

9) Don’t keep inflammable items around the LPG cylinder: Avoid keeping highly inflammable materials like kerosene etc in close contact to your LPG cylinders. They may jeopardise the life of your beloved ones and cause damage to your priced possessions.

You must play safe keeping and ensure that your gas safety device is kept in order.

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