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Refrigerators are one of the absolutely essential kitchen appliances of every household. Be it to keep veggies fresh, to maintain the frozen ice-creams, or to keep cool water, a fridge has multiple purposes. As it is an investment that will be a part of your daily needs, it is only wise to Compare Refrigerators before buying one. Listed below are the prices and detailed specifications of a few popular fridges from a diverse price range:-

Videocon VC060P

  • Videocon VC060P

The very popular brand associated with home appliances is Videocon. This brand offers a fridge for about Rs.7000, with 47 liters of capacity. It has two shelves which help to divide the different kinds of foods in your fridge. Defrosting uses the Direct Cool technology.

Godrej RD EDGE 185 CW 4.2

  • Godrej RD EDGE 185 CW 4.2

This fridge is priced at around Rs.11, 000. With a 185 Liter capacity, this fridge is a good choice for a small family. It has a 5 star energy rating, keeping your electricity bills low. It is equipped with Stabilizer-free Operation which ensures that the fridge isn’t damaged in case of power fluctuations. The environment friendly fridge is HCFC, CFC and HFC-free. It has enough space to store large bottles, veggies, eggs, etc.

  • Haier HRF-2672BS-H

The double door fridge priced at around Rs.18, 000 has a 247 Liter capacity. It has an anti- fungal gasket. It has 3 shelves, and a separate compartment to keep the veggies. The two bottle racks are sufficient to store all your bottles. It has a separate freezer. It has a 2 star energy rating which ensures considerable saving on power. The shelves are made of toughened glass for durability.

Whirlpool FP 263D PROTTON ROY

  • Whirlpool FP 263D PROTTON ROY

The Rs. 25, 000 (approx) triple door fridge has a 240 Liter capacity. The 6th Sense Activefresh Technology combines with Whirlpool’s Microblock and Moisture Retention technologies to keep the fruits and veggies fresh for a longer time. The fridge’s Airbooster system regulates the temperature inside the fridge to give each shelf the required cooling. The three door segregation ensures that the scents of your different kinds of foods do not mix.


  • Panasonic NR-BU343SNX4

For Rs. 35, 000 (approx) this 342 liter, double door fridge can be bought. The veggies container gets indirect cooling and is airtight which helps in retaining the moisture and keeping the contents fresh for longer. The AG filter removes bacteria and odors from the fridge. The shelves are made of tempered glass for durability.


  • Samsung RS21HUTPN1/XT

This 585 liter capacity fridge comes with a price tag of around Rs.80, 000. It has a side- by-side door design. It comes with 5 shelves to help segregate all your foods. Samsung’s own Twin Cooling System cools each compartment separately, making the air in the freezer dry and in the rest of the fridge, humid, to keep the contents of the fridge fresh for longer durations. It also has a convenient water and ice dispenser.

As can be seen, there are refrigerators available for everyone. From the most basic ones to the most advanced, one may find all types of such appliances in the market.

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