For The Living Green Walls: Know Their Amazing Facts

For The Living Green Walls: Know Their Amazing Facts

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A beautifully designed and well maintained landscape provides a unique and perfect backdrop to any location and house. An eye-catching background of the living rooms enhances the features of the same area. Living green walls are recent concept in gardening and also they are used to enhance the inner beauty of the rooms and improve the air circulation as well. The green vertical walls make the environment clean and you can breathe healthy. The vertical green walls are also known as vertical gardens. Here, the plants are grown on the vertical media without growing on the soil.

What Are Living Walls?

Growing plants vertically is generally a new approach in changing the ambiance of the room. Varieties of green plants like the climbers and the flowering plants are grown on the vertical wall media. This technique is known as hydroponics. The green walls can be attached with the walls or free-standing. The plants draw their nutrition from the vertical media instead of taking nutrients from the soil. They are used by the commercial and the residential consumers also. The vertical green walls require maintenance mainly in the monsoon months. Excessive growth of the plants may damage the walls. The growing green vegetation should be trimmed in intervals.

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Facts about Vertical Green Walls

Green Wall Concept Is Not New

You may get surprised to know that living walls came into existence in the early 1930. But you can be more surprised to hear that the Hanging Gardens in Babylon are made by hanging plants. The green panels are used in the residential places and commercial buildings to decorate and make them more beautiful. You can install the green walls on the inner walls, ceilings, in the garden walls and exterior walls of the buildings. The green walls are available in various textures and shapes. The green walls require continuous watering and trimming of the extra leaves and roots.

Living Walls Are Good For You And Environment

Living walls not only looks great on the walls, but they are beneficial for the environment as well. The green walls improve the air quality. The green walls absorb the harmful gasses and liberate oxygen to the atmosphere. Urban gaps that are found between the walls of the large buildings in the cities are the hotspots of harmful pollutants like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide as well. The green gardens can reduce the heat from that particular area up to 60%. The living green panels can really do wonder to purify the air. Just like a large area of vegetation can block high frequencies of sounds, the green walls are installed to check the sound levels.

Living Green Panels Are 100% Customizable

One more thing is amazing about the living walls is that they are available in custom designs and shapes. The living green gardens can be turned into fantastic artwork on various vertical structures. There are many companies that offer customized and designer vertical gardens for the residential purposes. They are used to protect the underlying walls as well. The customers customize the green walls by adding various decorative and flowering plants on them.

Thus, the living gardens are growing in importance in the recent days. As they have numerous physical and environmental benefits, they are used to decorate the houses. Installation of the green walls is an easier and convenient job for those who cannot maintain gardens horizontally.

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