Four Tips on How to Mount Your TV to the Wall

Four Tips on How to Mount Your TV to the Wall

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Mounting a TV to the wall is a great way to save space in your house. It also has the added bonus of looking sleek in your living room, instead of making the chic space look cluttered. Many people are quick to avoid mounting the TV because it seems like a time-consuming process. However, it does not have to be a stressful project.

Here are a few expert tips on how to mount the TV and avoid certain mistakes:

  1. Find Studs

Because of a TV’s weight, it is important it is mounted on studs in the wall. The hardest part with this task is ensuring you found an actual stud. Electronic stud finders can be finicky, which can lead you to install the TV into drywall instead of a wooden stud.

The key to finding a stud is to go slowly. For a stud finder to work effectively, it needs to be properly calibrated. Place the stud finder on the wall, allow it to find its density, and then slowly move it from side to side to find the studs. Once you have found them, make sure to double check. Sometimes stud finders can think a seam in the drywall is a stud, which can leave you with a hole in your drywall.

  1. Cords

While some satellite TV providers like can offer you wireless TVs, most companies and TVs still come with cords, which can wreak design havoc when mounted on the wall. It is possible to hide the TV cords with an IWPE, which is an in-wall power extension. This extension cord can go inside of the wall, hiding your TV’s cords. It is imperative you use an IWPE, because using a traditional extension cord is against the National Electrical Code, as it can be a fire hazard.

  1. Cables

Regardless of how sure you are, always buy longer cables than you think you will need. Any extra or additional wire can be hidden, but a wire that is too short can fall out of your equipment or damage it. Additionally, try to avoid cables with large connectors. They may not fit in properly behind a mounted flat screen.

  1. Level

One of the most frustrating aspects to mounting a TV can be determining whether or not it is level. If you have already installed it and it appears unlevel, there are a few things you can do to level it. Physically see if you can move the TV in the direction it needs to be level.

The next option is to take the TV off of the wall and loosen the bolts on the arms of the TV’s back and then retighten them. If the arms were positioned slightly off, this should take care of the problem and level it out.

If that still does not solve the problem, check to see if the ceiling, floor, or mantle is level. While you may have placed your TV correctly, your wall might not be as straight as you thought.

Using these tips should help ease the task of mounting your TV.

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