Frequent Plumbing Tasks Include Clearing Gullies and Drains

Frequent Plumbing Tasks Include Clearing Gullies and Drains

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A good amount of UK drain systems are made of vitrified clay pipes and normally do a reasonable job carrying stormwater and waste from one point to the next. Defects in these drainage systems may be represented by dipped sections, root ingress, stepped joints, joint misalignments, or leaky pipe work.

Defects Happen Gradually Over Time

These defects can occur for various reasons. If blocks in drains occur, they are sometimes cleared by the weight of the water itself. Other systems work more like a septic tank. After a number of years, and given the right conditions, the waste water accesses the subsoil via flawed joints whilst waste and solids accumulate in the pipes.

Many blockages seen by plumbers are the result of bad habits by the property owner or poor maintenance. If the plumbing is not regularly inspected, it can lead to a burst pipe or sewage backup. Not having the plumbing and drains regularly checked is indeed a recipe for an ultimate disaster.

Why Regular Inspections Are Important

That is why you need to rely on the services of a company like First Call Emergency Plumbers. By scheduling regular plumbing inspections, you can prevent any catastrophe from happening. After all, most plumbing issues take time to evolve. Therefore, regularly having your drain system inspected can alert you to any impending difficulties.

Preventative Maintenance

You can prevent drain blocks or clogs by being careful about what you dispose of down the drain. For example, you should never dispose of items that cannot disintegrate or dissolve down a drain. Just because an item is listed as disposable does not mean you can flush it down a drain. Some of the items you cannot flush down a drain include nappies, sanitary items, and cotton buds. Blockages are also sometimes caused when a child flushes a toy down the loo.

Gullies and Grilles

Some of the drains on a property are represented by gullies and grilles. These drains are often situated at the side of a property. The down spouts and waste pipes discharge into these drains, which feature a water trap. The trap is included to prevent odours from consuming the main line venting at the ground level. The trap also is helpful in preventing debris and silt from accessing the system.

Besides having your plumbing inspected inside your home, it does not hurt to have the gullies cleaned as well. The gullies accumulate fat, fibres, and grease from washing machines and sinks. Leaves and debris from gutters can also seal the top of a grid and prevent water from flowing into the gully pot. Therefore, checking the gullies and cleaning them is another way to prevent future plumbing problems.

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