Frugal Tips for Living Alone

Frugal Tips for Living Alone

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There has been an increase of 10% in the number of people who live alone, in this past decade. Living alone has always been more expensive than sharing a flat with somebody. However, with some good tips, you can start spending less while still enjoying the comfortable luxury of living alone. Here are some cool tips that you can use.

Think Through Your Space

If you are about to live alone, think about your location. The size and the location of your apartment will influence your rent significantly. Large apartments will not only cost more, but they will require more power to heat during winter as well, skyrocketing your expenses. Also, think about renting out an empty apartment and buying furniture on garage sales. If you’re nifty with a toolkit, make something out of eco pallets. The rent will be significantly lower and you can always sell that furniture and get a refund on most of your money.

Freezer and Appliances

If you need appliances, go for the second hand ones that you can find online. They are all you need. The only thing that should definitely be of high quality is the freezer. Cheese, meat, bread and other groceries that you buy in larger quantities can be frozen and used later. You can take one day of the week and prepare food for the entire week, freeze it and then just pop it into the microwave to use it or take it to work with you. Always plan your lunches ahead and pack them to go. Say hello to your adult lunchbox days.

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Insulate Your Apartment

In order to spend money on AC and heating bills, you need to insulate your doors and windows the best you can. This is especially important in the winter. You can purchase window insulation tape that will make them fit tighter and save the heat. Some people go as far as to cover the whole windows with transparent plastic material that keeps them from giving the heat away. In summer, do not reach for your AC right away. You can probably go through the better part of the early summer with a cheap oscillating fan.

Saving Money and Payment Options

There are different payment plans that you need to take into account. For example, paying rent online can help you save time and costs of going to do that personally. Also, you can save on the fees. The best way to organize yourself with your bills is to make a commitment to always pay them within 24 hours of receiving them. It is advisable that you pay off your credit cards in time and exceed the minimum payment by a bit. You will be surprised how fast your overall debt will decrease.

Bulk Purchases

When it comes to buying groceries, you need to be very careful. The cheapest way to go is to use discounts, deals and to buy in bulk. It is necessary that you think about the life of the groceries that you buy. Obviously, buying fruit or vegetables in a bulk will not work as it will go bad on you. However, if you have a couple of friends that live alone, offer them to buy groceries in a bulk and then share them.

There also some obvious ways to cut down the costs. Try carpooling, using public transportation, cycling whenever you can and walking distances that do not really require any sort of transportation. Bit by bit, you will see all the difference that frugality ensures. It takes a while to get into the frugal lifestyle, but with a little bit of practice you will forget that you lived in any other way.

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