Get valuable Tips on Managing Solid Oak Flooring for your Home

Get valuable Tips on Managing Solid Oak Flooring for your Home

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Many people have wanted to get real wood floors done in our house, but the budget, difficult installation and its tendency to expand and contract has always kept them away from it. Laminate flooring with a wooden feel is still not real. Laminates are nothing but melamine coat on wooden chip composite base. So for a real feel of wood one surely needs something like solid oak flooring for a stylish interior decoration.

There are times when the floor is not made entirely of hard wood but is still of real oak. Real veneers are pasted on plywood. This plywood being resistant to water and rot provides additional strength to your floor and it is very hard. However, there is nothing to beat the authenticity and appearance of solid oak flooring. These are floors that last you a lifetime, if the right kind of maintenance and care is taken.

Understand the Types of Engineered Floors

Basically one can pick from different kinds engineered floors, which also includes oak. These engineered wooden floors are available in variety of real veneers catering to different tastes and preferences. For instance, bamboo is cheap and green; hickory can be used for its timeless feel, Oak and maple for an elegant feel and can be used in your dining and living area. Solid oak flooring has emerged as a popular option for both contemporary and rustic homes owing to their durability and their aesthetic appeal too.

Know the advantages of oak solid floors:

With any kind of engineered wooden floor, there are many advantages and you should be aware of them prior to investing in the same-

  • The top layer of solid oak flooring is pre-finished and unlike hard wood it does not require sanding and curing before use. This engineered wood can be used as soon as it is laid.
  • The advantage over laminate floor is that, laminate floor is too manmade and plastic, without any real feel. Well, engineered floors can be sanded if you want to give new look. But limit your sanding to two or three times as the veneer layer is not very thick. Once the sanding is done one can apply a layer of wax or polyurethane for enhancing the durability and also for imparting the much need shine and gloss. You can take help of a professional for doing this as the veneer layer is too thin and excess of sanding can reveal the plywood underneath there by spoiling the solid oak flooring.
  • Unlike hardwood, solid oak flooring is engineered hardwood floors and they can be used in semi wet areas like kitchen, powder room and also bathroom. But since it is wood at the end of the day, do not put them on basement and kids bathroom as they have tendency to flood. For very wet areas it is best to use tiles, marbles or vinyl floorings.

Installation of solid oak flooring:  

Hardwood has to be nailed, but engineered wood can be glued as well as nailed depending on the thickness of the wooden floor. A floor with 3/8’thickness has to nailed to make it stable as for the ones which are ½” thick can be pasted with glue and other adhesive.

Maintenance and other credentials of solid oak flooring

Engineered oak wood or solid oak flooring can be easily maintained by mopping and regular vacuuming. Although these floorings are expensive than laminate wood floors but they are more durable and have better aesthetic value.

Remember you don’t need to do up the entire house with oak. It can be used for areas like bedroom and living room but in the long run, these do help you save more costs. You can consult reputed interior firms to get good and sustainable designs in their catalogues.

Hope you get all above tips on Solid Oak Flooring. Visit this link and get more important tips.


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