How Can You Remove Vinyl Wrap? Read the Five Simple Steps

How Can You Remove Vinyl Wrap? Read the Five Simple Steps

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It is very easy to apply a coat of vinyl wrap on the surface of your walls, floors and on your car body too, but it becomes quite difficult to remove vinyl wrap. When you try to remove vinyl wrap from the walls, then you must accept some professional techniques, otherwise walls can be damaged very easily.

Five steps that can help you to remove the vinyl wrap very easily

  1. Applying low heat to remove the vinyl slowly and steadily

The best way to remove vinyl wrap is to apply low heat to the surface area from where you want to remove the wraps. The application of heat actually makes the adhesive under the vinyl less strong, and the vinyl becomes softer and more malleable. If you do not have a heat gun, then you can also use a hair dryer to apply heat in low intensity so that the vinyl wrap can be removed more easily.

  1. Use tar or adhesive remover

This is yet another good option with which you can remove vinyl wrap. In fact, if the adhesive of the vinyl wrap is too strong, then you can apply the remover twice or thrice, depending on your requirement. Generally it is seen that vinyl adhesives leave a long impression even when they are removed. To avoid such cases, you can simply use soak the vinyl wrap in remover, so that the adhesive becomes soft and the wrap comes out very easily. You can simply take out the vinyl wrap with the help of a micro fiber towel.

  1. Opt for the chemical removers from market

If you want to remove vinyl wrap from the surface of things is that, you can use mild chemical cleaners, or else, you can also apply citrus-based foam cleaner which contains orange peel extracts. This is especially true for residual removals which you need to get rid of, within a short time after the vinyl has been removed. You can apply a small coat over a smaller area, and then use a paper towel to remove parts of the adhesive, and then go on removing the maximum residual parts. Strong citrus agents will not just remove vinyl wrap but it will also keep the surface area of the wall, floor or automobile clean and germ-free.

  1. You can rely on string power tools to remove vinyl wrap

There are a number of power tools available in the market, and you can use them to remove the strong and harsh vinyl wrap. Simple power tools and strip eliminators can be used to remove the vinyl wraps or stickers from the surface of hard and soft materials. These power strip eliminators generally contain a rubber wheel and a soft base with which you can also do a refinishing of the original surface, after the vinyl has been removed.

  1. Chiseling and cleaning are the best options

Last but not the least, you can remove vinyl wrap by chiseling and cleaning the wraps from the surface of the materials. Chisels and razor blades can be used very easily to get rid of the vinyl wraps. These are thin hand tools made of plastic and they can be operated manually all by you. However, there are heat guns and power tools that come handy, and with these you can safely remove vinyl wrap.

For more information, you can go through this link to know more about how to remove vinyl wraps and how to take care of the substrata after you remove the wraps.

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