How to Build Your Own Budget Indoor Surveillance System?

How to Build Your Own Budget Indoor Surveillance System?

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Every one of us need home security system so that burglars or thieves can’t have our prized possessions. However, survey shows just 17 per cent households have home security systems in place. To bridge the yawning gap between need of home security system and rising cost, DIY home security systems have become a fad. Advancement in wireless technology has helped both homeowners and renters in building and maintaining indoor surveillance systems.

Understanding Basics of Home Security

A home security system comes with 3 important aspects:

  1. Home Surveillance (for keeping a watch inside as well as outside home)
  2. Sensors (for keeping a tab on smoke, fire, water, and movement inside home)
  3. Locks (for securing home from burglaries and thefts)

In this article, we will mainly discuss on DIY of home surveillance system for indoors only.

Building own Home Surveillance and Security System

Every person has his/her own requirements when it comes to home surveillance. Whether it is to check out how the pet is doing inside home or who are the people coming in or going out of the house in one’s absence. Surveillance cameras can be used inside your home and can be controlled with wireless Wi-Fi for accessing and controlling them remotely from tablets or smartphones. In fact, covert cameras can also be hidden in different parts inside your house for capturing images or videos of suspects. There are many innovative ideas, articles, videos, reviews, and many more on home surveillance and home security systems at You can check them out for a comprehensive idea.

Installing Indoor Cameras yourself

There are two kinds of surveillance cameras that can be easily installed by the users:

  • Wireless Surveillance Cameras
  • Wi-Fi Surveillance Camera Systems
  1. Wireless Surveillance Cameras

Functions of these cameras are very close to that of traditional surveillance cameras and because of the wireless feature their installation can be done very easily by the user. You can get professional quality monitoring of interiors at affordable cost by hooking up four bullet style cameras to a digital video recorder. While making the choice, ensure that you choose only the waterproof cameras having ranging power from 60 feet to 150 feet and infrared night vision capability. For storing all the footages captured by the 4 cameras inside your house, you should have 1TB storage inside the DVR. It is important that remote viewing software comes with the system so that the user can get motion activation alerts to smartphone/tablet/computer, watch recorded videos, and also view live feeds.

  1. Wi-Fi Surveillance Cameras

WiFi surveillance cameras are new gadgets that have become very popular lately because of the ability of connecting them to internet via Wi-Fi, thereby cutting cost. You can install them quickly and easily by simply plugging them in and turning them on, thereby getting live feed instantly. Some of the important features to look into Wi-Fi cameras include two-way communication system, night-vision capability, zooming and panning with a tilt (removing requirement of installing more cameras in different corners indoor) facility, availability of motion sensing software that notifies user when a person comes inside a room, and facial recognition capability for decreasing unnecessary alerts.

Now, you know how to get budget indoor surveillance system yourself.

Author Bio: Jennifer Meinhart is freelance writer, blogger and stay-at-home mom. It was a few years back that her house was burgled – an incident which left her devastated. However, she chose to bounce back by beefing up her home security and writing about it as well. but not without help from Home Security List. She has always turned to the website for substantial reviews on the plethora of home security systems available.

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