How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Faucets

How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Faucets

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How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Faucets

From the sleek and contemporary to the elegant and traditional, kitchen faucets are available in more styles than ever before, which makes choosing the perfect one a little challenging. From deciding on a style to knowing which one will be best suited to your water system, are just a couple of important factors to think about when choosing new faucets. There’s definitely more to kitchen faucets than meets the eye, so read on to discover all you need to know…

Things to consider when choosing Kitchen Faucets

When it comes to kitchen faucets, you get what you pay for, so decide how much you want to budget for one of the most used items in your kitchen. It’s important to take into consideration how often your kitchen sink faucet will be used, which for most of us, is several times a day.

Choosing a kitchen faucet that’s built to withstand daily use and is covered by a comprehensive guarantee is important. Expensive taps feature the latest technology that makes them durable for heavy-duty use. Faucets with a ceramic disc cartridge mix and deliver the full pressure of water in a quarter turn, so it’s worth checking if the faucet you’ve got your eye on incorporates this technology.

Before choosing new kitchen sink faucets consider the style of the space – is it modern or traditional? It’s a good idea to choose a faucet that enhances this style and complements the rest of your interior too.

It may sound obvious, but you will need to ensure the faucet you choose will fit well with the design of your kitchen sink. It’s important to check the spout reach, as each one is different, so take into account the position of the tap hole when choosing a new faucet.

Check the water pressure

Checking if your home has low or high water pressure will determine the type of kitchen faucets that you can choose. The last thing you want to end up with is a faucet that looks amazing but doesn’t perform well. Water pressure is measured in bar, so faucets that require 1.0 bar and more will need a high pressure water system to ensure maximum performance. Anything that’s under 0.3 bar is considered low pressure. If you want a designer faucet with a pull-out spray you will need a high pressure water system.

Choosing a finish

The majority of kitchen faucets feature a chrome plated finish, which blends seamlessly in with any décor. But, if you’re after something different you could opt for sink faucets with a black, brushed steel, nickel or even a copper finish. Copper is so on-trend, and suits modern and traditional schemes, while black is a great option for creating a bold, designer look.

Think about functionality

Your new kitchen faucets not only need to look good and suit your tastes, but should be practical and easy to use too. A swivel spout is a must-have, as it provides easier access to the sink, and you can switch between two bowls. Faucets with a pull-out spray are another super-handy feature as they allow you to rinse fruit, salad and vegetables with total ease, as well as pots and pans before putting them in the dishwasher. Becoming a very popular option, pull-out spray faucets will add a professional touch to your kitchen.

Kitchen Faucets – the main types

Kitchen sink pillar faucets are ideal for those who are on a limited budget, and there’s many styles available. Pillar faucets have one tap for the hot water and another one for the cold water. This styleof kitchen faucetrequires a sink or worktop with two tap-holes.

Monobloc sink faucets are the most popular option, and they provide a space saving alternative to pillar faucets. This style of faucet features a single spout with two handles, and only requires a single faucet-hole in the sink or worktop.

Single lever kitchen faucets are ideal for creating a smart, modern look. They feature a single lever that controls the flow and temperature of the water. The lever can be fitted on top or the side of the faucet.

Wall mounted faucets provide a great way to create a more minimal look, and they make the sink area less cluttered.

Kitchen spray faucetswere originally designed for use in commercial kitchens, but they are now a very popular choice for homeowners. Pull-out spray faucets add a designer touch to the kitchen and combine stylish looks with excellent functionality. The spray function makes it really easy to rinse plates and pans, as well as fruit and veg.

Filter faucets – if you love fresh, filtered water then you’ll love a filter faucet! Water filter faucets are convenient and simple to use, and are a cost-effective alternative to bottled water. Dedicated water filterfaucets are also ideal for replacing a filter jug, as you’ll have pure, clean water on demand.

Boiling hot water faucets

With an instant boiling hot water faucet, you’ll never have to wait for the kettle to boil again. This type of faucet features a tank that sits under the sink, where the water is heated and stored. You can choose between a dedicated boiling water faucet,ora 3-in-1 faucet that provides boiling, cold and normal hot water. More and more people are choosing a boiling water faucet for their convenience and time-saving capabilities.

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