How to Give Your Bathroom an Easy – and Affordable – Makeover

How to Give Your Bathroom an Easy – and Affordable – Makeover

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If you are increasingly dissatisfied with the way your home looks and are thinking that it definitely needs a makeover, you don’t need to make big changes right away. Giving your home an effective – and affordable – makeover can begin with making some key changes to your bathroom, and it need not be difficult, either. So how can you give your bathroom and easy and affordable makeover? Here’s how:

Change the lights

When you enter your bathroom, does it look dim and dull? If it does, then you might need to change the lighting, especially if your bathroom does not get much natural light. Rather than install a window (which isn’t entirely possible for some homes), why not just change the lighting fixtures? If your bathroom has a single fixture in the centre, you can easily replace this with a triple lighting fixture which can make your bathroom look bigger and brighter. If you’re prepared to make more significant changes, you can even install spotlights in the corners so you don’t just have a single light source. Having more light in your bathroom will also make it easier for you to perform different bathroom activities, such as fixing your hair, shaving, or applying makeup.

Change the flooring

If your bathroom looks ugly, this might be due to old flooring as well. Your bathroom’s flooring should always look clean and spotless, and if you have old, ugly flooring, this can greatly contribute to an ugly, dim-looking bathroom. What you can do is replace old flooring with new tiles or vinyl flooring, which is not only inexpensive, but also easy to install. If you want, you can also simply paint over old tiles with new white paint. You also have the option of replacing old tiles by simply tiling over the old ones with new ones, especially since removing your old tiles can take some time.

Replace an old shower

Another way to make a significant improvement to your bathroom would be to replace an old shower with a new one. With a new shower enclosure, your bathroom will look cleaner and more attractive. An old, dated shower enclosure is not a pleasing sight and does not make for a great experience in the shower. By replacing an old shower enclosure with a new shower cubicle, you can give your bathroom a more luxurious, cleaner look. Mind you, shower cubicles nowadays come in single, pre-built units which are equipped with everything you may need in the shower, such as shower heads, glass paneling, a shower base, touch panel controls, massage jets – you name it, many available pre-made shower units will often have it. Installing these units is also easy and will not take more than a day as they can be easily hooked up to your plumbing and electrical system.

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