How to improve your house with fireplace?

How to improve your house with fireplace?

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Fireplaces are the saviours in chilling winters. When snow falls outside your house, sitting by the fireplace in your living room makes you feel cozy and warm. A house is made up of bricks and cement and adding a fireplace to it would convert it into your home, which not only shelters you but also protects you and make you feel the safest when compared to other places.

Fireplaces and gas fire logs

Many people do not consider adding fireplace to be a good investment. If you are living in a place, which remains frozen most of the time, then fireplace is not a luxury but a necessity. Moreover it will glam up your living room and make it look elegant. Here are some reasons why adding a fireplace would prove to be beneficial for your house

  • It adds value as well as desirability to your home. According to the Real Estate research by the National Center, having a fireplace in your home would increase its value by 6% to 12%.
  • With only one investment, you can give a whole makeover to your house. Other than keeping your room warm, it will also make it look beautiful.
  • Adding a gas fireplace in your house is not only easy to install but also easy to enjoy. You can practically install it in any room and enjoy the warmth.
  • The gas fireplaces help in reducing the heating costs that you generally have to pay annually. This is because unlike a central thermostat it heats specific areas of the room where most time is spent and hence reduces costs.
  • The modern fireplaces not only work as a fireplace giving you heat and warmth but also act as a piece of art. The innovative designs of fireplace make a perfect combination of sleek designs and the vibrant flames.

Home decor ideas with fire logs

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Fireplaces make a great option for home decor. The fire gas logs make your fireplace look more classy and antique. Be it a modern house or an old one, with logs in the fireplace the look of your living room would be instantly transformed into something charming and elite. Here are some ideas by which you can use gas fire logs as your home décor

  • The vented gas log is a great idea. It costs in between $500 to $1000 depending upon the style and design. The cost is lesser than a fireplace insert which is because the damper must be left open for all the times. With the vented gas logs, the home can lose a lot of heat and the loss of heat is more if there is a wood burning fireplace. To minimize the heat loss issue airtight glass doors can be installed for a little cost.
  • The fireplace in a modern natural space is a very sleek inclusion. The big fireplace with gas fire logs inside surrounded by a metal frame. Addition of a low and subtle heighted shelf of the fireplace would make it more chic.
  • If you have a restricted space in your living room, then you can create a very beautiful Victorian look to your living room. The complete white look with a fireplace along with ornate designs will be a treat for the eye for those who love that age. The perfect beach house look would be completed with an open fireplace with the look of rock wall outside.

A set of fire logs into it would make it more perfect. It will also give a proper look of a mantel where you can keep show pieces and increase the beauty of the room with fireplace.

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