How to know when to replace your windows

How to know when to replace your windows

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Every house needs new windows at some point, and here is how you can tell when that time arrives. Although your house can’t actually tell you when it needs renovation, it will give you signs that something is wrong – and the windows in your home are especially communicative. They don’t last forever, but quality windows that are well kept after can last more than 20 years, but many factors affect them. Iif your windows are a few decades old, pay attention to them and see whether they are trying to tell you that it is time to replace some of them.

1. They are damaged, warped, or broken
Sometimes, instead of the costly replacement of a window, you can fix your damaged one. If your window has a minor issue, then fixing it is definitely the best option. Replacing a damage, warped, or broken window is always the more desirable choice when such a big problem occurs. Are your windows fogging? Does draft pass under them? Do they stick when you open and close them? If you answered some of these questions with a yes, then think about replacing your window.

2. You want to reduce electricity bills
Windows during the winter create heat by letting in light, but, windows that pass drafts can cause up to 10 to 25 percent of increase in electricity bills. If you want to reduce electricity bills and you are certain that your windows are the only reason your bill is high, you can think about buying new ones. Blinds are also solution if you want to save on the eletricity bill, and the same thing goes for curtains. They don’t do much, but they cut of some of the cost.

3. Your home needs a makeover
Windows are one of the most important elements in a household – if they look withered, your house will get that look too. If the only color that is withered is the color of your window, then that can be easily fixed. Still, if you see some damage on the glass, then you should consider replacing them. You can also decide on changing the shape of the windows in your home, because often in that way you can create a more comfortable interior and improve the flow of air in your ambiance. If you put bigger windows, then you will have more natural light, which has its benefits.

4. You have come out of a severe storm
If you are living in an area where storms are very common, then you are probably prepared for the fact that window damage is something that can easily happen to you. All the micro damage you don’t see at first sight can cause windows to crack faster, and generally aren’t a good thing at all. In those cases, replace your windows, which is recommended at least once in a decade.

5. You are renovating your old house
If you have by any case bought an old, withered house, that at first sight looks like it has quality windows, call an expert to check them. If he sees any damage that is more serious, you should definitely replace the windows to ensure being risk free when working around the house.

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