How to Reduce Moving Costs and Save Some Bucks

How to Reduce Moving Costs and Save Some Bucks

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Summer is a peak moving season; however, you can always reduce costs if you prepare right. In fact, you can still cut costs even if you hire professional movers in Manhattan like through research, tax breaks, and packing up small things before the arrival of the movers. The following are some other ways to reduce save on moving costs.

Unload the Things you Do Not Need

Your load’s weight is a huge factor to determine the price of any long-haul move. In order to downsize, consider offloading your junk by contacting companies that tend to come to your place to take any unwanted belongings off your hands. Also, you can choose to give your stuffs to charity. Do not forget to measure to make sure that you have furniture which will not fit in your new house.

Time is Right

If you wish to save the most bucks, consider moving mid-month. This is because moving companies tend to be busiest during the start and end of the month while leases turn over.

Try to Save on Boxes

Used and recycled boxes can be bought so you can use them for packing small things on your. This can decrease the amount of time that the moving company will need to spend. Typically, you can sell the boxes back the company you bought them from in order to recoup costs.

Plan in Advance

Consider ordering colored tape and then label the room that each box will go to. This way, there is no need for you to have someone at the truck and tell the unload staff where to place the items. Also, you can reduce the moving time if you snap photos of your new house and let the movers see them in advance.

Cover your Belongings

In case you buy insurance through a moving company, be clear on what you are signing. Always ask questions such as if it is a market value or replacement value. Usually, movers will provide customers up to $0.60 per pound coverage so the insurance does not have to consider the specific items.

Benefit from a Tax Break

If you are moving to another place because of a job change, you are likely to deduct particular moving expenses like storage and transportation costs for household goods as well as lodging and travel expenses incurred while relocating. Check with the IRS guidelines to know if you qualify.

Price It Out

Contact at least three movers to compare prices. Also, get an in-house estimate by each mover. This way, the moving company can have a better idea of what they will need to move. In turn, they can offer you a realistic estimate for your relocation. As they visit your place, ask if the job is something that they can really handle and what are the items that you can pack on your own.

Do your Homework

Ensure that you end up hiring a legitimate moving company. A licensed mover is equipped with the right resources and insurance in order to complete the move efficiently. You can refer to AMSA to have a list of certified professional movers. Know that Manhattan movers are popular in NYC so you might want to start your research for movers in Manhattan itself.

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