How Your Real Estate Agent Can Help Expedite Your Move

How Your Real Estate Agent Can Help Expedite Your Move

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Your real estate agent has a wealth of information and not just about the neighborhoods you’re interested in, the homes you like, or the financing deals out there. She also knows quite a bit about the moving companies and other options people use to take them where they are going. Indeed, you can save yourself a lot of worry by talking with your agent about matters that can help expedite your move.

What Attorneys Specialize in Real Estate

You need legal representation when you sell your home and not just any attorney will do. Specifically, you need a lawyer whose expertise in real estate law can aid you. Here, your agent will most likely know of several professionals who fit the bill. She can share her referrals. Call them to check availability and prices.

Which Moving Companies to Consider

The last thing you want is to trust your move to a moving company with a bad reputation. Your agent has heard her share of horror stories and can help you avoid becoming a statistic. Ask her for a list of licensed and recommended movers. Contact at least three to obtain free estimates advises the North American Moving Company.

Why Holding a Moving Sale Can be Beneficial

Should you hold a moving sale or not? That’s a question many home sellers have and the answer depends largely on your time and needs. Likely, your agent has examples of people who have held successful sales. She might also recommend charities that would be willing to take your unsold items and give you a tax receipt.

Where Free Boxes Might be Obtained

Exactly who has free boxes for movers? Instead of driving all over town, your agent can provide tips on where to look. You may find that her name is enough to get a manager to provide you with boxes.

What Agencies Can Send Capable Workers

You may to be able to handle the packing by yourself and unless you have a team of volunteers to help, this will be one job for you to do with helpers. Certain temporary agencies can provide workers. Ask your agent for recommendations for those companies.

When Mail Should Be Forwarded

Our reliance on email means that we may forget to check our postal boxes as often as we did in the past. That also can mean we’ll forget to have our mail forwarded when we do move. Your agent may offer a friendly reminder to fill out the online form to have your mail redirected to your new address.

When Utility Companies Should Be Notified

Another matter of importance has to do with your utilities, namely, your cable, electric, gas, water, sewer and other public providers. Notifying each company in a timely manner is important. Don’t be surprised if your agent also suggests you reach out to the new providers before you arrive at your destination.

How to Make Memories Before You Move

You’re so busy planning the move, but you have little time to reflect on your home and what once was. Listen to your real estate agent as she encourages you to make memories, by taking lots of pictures and selectively showing them on social media.

When to Call on Friends for Help

You can’t do everything yourself and even with helpers at the ready, there are times when you and your spouse need to take a break. Don’t be surprised if your agent encourages you and your spouse to have a date night. She might even suggest which local restaurants are worth a visit before you move.

Agent Considerations

Of course, your real estate agent isn’t super human, although she can seem that way, especially when you find yourself at a loss. If she doesn’t know an answer, she can get back to you or refer you to the people that can assist you.

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