Is an Island Right for Your Kitchen?

Is an Island Right for Your Kitchen?

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The very first thing that probably comes into mind when thinking about installing an island in your kitchen is space. While having a small kitchen doesn’t always lend itself to installing an island, if the distribution of the cabinets and kitchen workspaces is carefully thought out, a small island can certainly be included. With as little as 12 feet of width, your kitchen can fit a beautiful island that will not only convert it into a real estate agent website’s featured home, but can be an incredibly efficient use of space as well.

Get an Island If…

You Love to Cook

Get an island if you need a lot of countertop space and storage room. An island will give you the extra area you need to prepare food and store pots and pans. If you do a lot of cooking for yourself and your family, you can maximize your cooking prep area; instead of taking up precious space, your island will convert into much needed extra room to place your muffins out to air and do your plating for dinner parties. You can also store all your utensils in built-in cupboards.

You Love Interior Decorating

If you’re a two-person household and you love the idea of creating a focal point in your kitchen to use for positioning flowers or ornaments, get a decorative island. When you don’t do a lot of cooking, an island can be great for aesthetic purposes. It’s probably not recommendable if you don’t have at least 12 feet of width to work with, but if you’re on about that size or slightly smaller and you don’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen or have a lot of people coming in and out; a beautifully designed island can add great value to your home.

You Have a Big Kitchen

If you have a large kitchen and it feels empty, then you might want to think about adding an island to break up the emptiness and add a focal point. You can use an island that doesn’t have built in storage if you don’t need it, but simply a place where you can add chairs to have a breakfast area, or a stunning design with a stone countertop to add a degree of elegance. If your kitchen is all one color, you could also think about using an accent color here, such as dark wood in a light kitchen, or light stone in a dark kitchen; if you look at real estate website design layouts, you’ll notice that this is a current trend.

Don’t Get an Island If…

Your Kitchen is Too Small

If you have a kitchen less than 12 feet wide, or if you’re really wildly keen, then eleven, but any smaller than that and your dream island will turn into a desert island disaster. Architects agree that unless your kitchen is a minimum of eight feet deep and 12 feet long, then an island is out of the question as it will obstruct your path to the sink, or the exit, or the dishwasher, and basically be about as appealing as a third wheel on a hot date.

You Have a Large Family

Islands can provide a lot of additional storage and preparation space in the kitchen, but your family dynamics play an important role in whether an island is right for you or not. Even if your kitchen is medium-sized, an island can create a lot of clutter if it’s not carefully designed with your needs in mind and kept organized. If you have a lot of people in your kitchen, then an island can be awkward as other family members can’t get passed you while you’re at the stove, or at the sink. If this is going to be a problem; don’t get an island.

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