Keeping Our Bitumen Roads in Good Repair

Keeping Our Bitumen Roads in Good Repair

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It would be fair to say that the roads we drive on daily take a beating from both vehicles and the weather. Over time, this has an impact on the bitumen itself, causing cracks, holes, and damage to the surface and the substrate. Heavy vehicles place a great deal of weight on the road, and even the summer heat causes the bitumen to liquefy at times, causing the materials to shift and warp over time.

As the bitumen becomes damaged over time, cracks begin to appear in the surface. These cracks are further worsened by the weather. Rain enters the cracks and causes further damage, and the ongoing expansion and shrinkage of the bitumen material over consecutive seasons eventually takes a toll. Through these actions, potholes can form in the road surface, causing problems for drivers and potentially becoming a driving hazard that can cause physical damage to vehicles, or accidents.

Repairing Cracks and Potholes

The good news is that bitumen repairs in Perth are available to repair this kind of damage. These kinds of companies typically specialise in the following services:

  • Road Potholes: A few minor cracks are to be expected on our roads, but when they have expanded and formed potholes, the damage needs to be fixed quickly.
  • Car Parks: We think of potholes only being a problem on our roads, but the fact is that a bitumen surface that is exposed to the weather in any location is damaged over time. This is especially true of car parks where there is a lot of vehicle activity as well as erosion due to weather conditions.
  • Cracks: Even though it is clear that by the time minor road damage has become a pothole something needs to be done about it, sealing cracks so that they don’t allow the weather to enter the asphalt substrate is a good idea. These cracks are most often sealed with a tar like substance that fills the damaged area and provides some level of durability and protection against further damage for a time.
  • Water Diversion: Given that water is a primary asphalt and bitumen erosion agent, it is important that water is successfully diverted away from roads and other areas that are prone to damage. Many bitumen repair companies also provide a suite of modification services including water diversion installation.
  • Trenches: In some of the worst cases of surface damage, pipes and electrical wiring may be exposed to further damage. This often happens in areas where there has been flooding or heavy rain, as the water creates additional damage and widens the cracks that were already present. In these cases, the best bitumen repair companies are also able to perform trench repair so that important plumbing and electrical infrastructure is not exposed to further damage.

Keeping Our Roads and Car Parks Safe

Since we rely so heavily on our vehicles to get from one place to another, it is also important that the roads we drive on are safe. This means that any cracks, damage, or potholes must be identified and repaired as quickly as possible.

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