Know about using Hollow Wall Anchor Tool

Know about using Hollow Wall Anchor Tool

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Every house is decorated with photographs, paintings and other wall hangings. The best way to allow the wall hanging to stay where it is supposed to be is by using an anchor. Anchor is a fastener which helps to attach objects. It is extremely useful in situations where other nails, screws and fasteners are not possible to put. You can use the anchors in either supremely hard surface like concrete or hollow surfaces like walls, ceilings and doors. There are varieties of anchors available for use in different purposes. Based on the kinds of surface and weight it can hold, anchors can be divided in various types.

Types of anchors

Anchors can be basically divided in two kinds. They are:

  1. Hollow Anchors for Walls

These kinds of anchors are used on thin or hollow surfaces. They have an exceptional way of expanding in the hollow walls and once spread out; these anchors cannot be pulled out easily. That is the reason behind its strength in hollow walls.

  1. Expansion Anchors

These kinds of anchors are used on thick and solid surfaces like of concrete, mortar, metal and brick. The expansion anchors are as strong as the materials in which they are put in. Hence, if these anchors are installed in soft surfaces like dry wall, it may look strong but they are not.

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More on Hollow Anchors for walls

Tools like Hollow Anchors for walls work great on hollow and thin walls. These are designed for use where screws don’t work. When you know the wall which is thin enough to support any heavy wall hangings, use these anchors. The Hollow Anchors for walls get into the board or wall and spread out inside the cavity. This fixes the anchor and so it becomes difficult to be pulled out. The more is the size of the spread, the greater is the strength of the anchor.

How to Install a Hollow Wall Anchor?

It might sound complicated for many who are new to the hollow wall anchor. But truly it is very easy to install such anchor and use it to hang any wall hanging or painting quite easily. Some of the ways are given below.

  • Using a Screw Driver

First make sure the anchor selected can take the load of the item you want to hang. You can use more than one anchor to divide the weight of the item, if the wall hanging is too heavy. Make a hole in the wall using a drill machine of right size for the anchor. Put in the anchor such that it fits perfectly between the gaps of the wall. Place the screw on it and fit it in the anchor by rotating it clockwise using a screwdriver, till the arms of the anchor spread out.

  • Using a Hollow Wall Anchor Tool for Setting

First see if the wall has enough space for anchor to expand. Put the anchor into the hole drilled using any drill tool of size fit for the anchor. Put the anchor in the hole and then let it bite into the wall. Place the front part of the tool to the underside of the screw and squeeze the handles so that the arms of the anchor spread out. Continue the process till the anchor has spread out its arms and it fits strongly. Unfasten the center screw, put the item and put in the screw and tighten it.

  • Using a Wing style Hollow Anchors for walls

There are Hollow Anchors for walls of wing-type which can be used to put any wall hanging. The wings of such anchors can be folded and put into the hole drilled on the wall. Once inside, the wings will widen out in the cavity and make it difficult to pull out. Such types of anchors are very easy to install and are very strong to hold heavy items on the walls like mirrors and even small shelves.

So these are the above types of Hollow Wall Anchor Tool. Do you like to know more about hollow wall anchor? Then keep in touch with us to get more information.

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