Landscaping Your Garden for Eco-Efficiency

Landscaping Your Garden for Eco-Efficiency

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Keeping your garden healthy and vibrant is absolutely essential to maintaining a healthy home. For one, you need to make sure that your garden is healthy so that it can properly absorb moisture, prevent soil erosion, and protect your foundation. Your home is built on a concrete slab that sits on top of the soil. If water builds up around the base of your home or runs through your garden, it can sweep away the soil, which will expose your foundation and undermine the stability of your home. Trees, grass, bushes, and anything else with roots help prevent soil erosion. The roots hold the dirt in place, and trees also help break the wind and provide shade. You need to keep your garden healthy for aesthetic reasons as well. A great-looking garden beautifies your entire home.

Garden Troubles

The biggest trouble you will encounter with your garden is the proper use of resources. You need to allocate resources as efficiently as possible. When you are caring for your garden, you might find that you are using more water than you would like to keep your garden looking healthy. Using a lot of water comes with added expenses, and it also means you are consuming resources that could be put to better use. Instead of using municipal water, you should look into using water more efficiently.

Using Water More Efficiently

Using water more efficiently in your garden landscaping will save you money and will save the environment a little bit of stress. For example, if you were to install a channel drain in your driveway, you could reduce the amount of water that runs down your driveway and pools up near your house. A channel drain is, as the name implies, a small canal that will catch water and redirect it. You can redirect it to a rain barrel if your town allows you to do that. You can preserve water in the rain barrel to use for watering your garden when it hasn’t rained in awhile. Also, it will reduce the chances of flooding in your home because the water will be redirected before it gets to your home.

Catching rainwater and directing it in a more useful direction is one of the most efficient ways to keep your garden looking healthy. Also, you should look into increasing drainage in certain areas. You can increase drainage with something as simple as pebbles. If you cover your planter beds with pebbles, they will improve the drainage of water. Pebbles at the bottom of the planetary encourage water to drain into the soil. If you want to preserve the water in your planters, you should cover the top of the soil with pebbles. They will form a slight barrier to evaporation, which will also help the roots of your plants trap heat and survive the winter.

Using water intelligently is the best way to improve your garden’s health. You should look for ways to preserve, redirect, and utilise natural rainwater.

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