Limitations of Home Warranty

Limitations of Home Warranty

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The home warranty contracts mostly come with limitations and therefore every homeowner pay close attention to things before buying the home warranty insurance. Often the home warranty limits is one of the major yet common complaint that the companies find from the visitors and this is really bad as in case one examines the home warranty sample contract, then the person will find all the limits described clearly. These days, there are a number sample contracts available online.

Here are some of the details of the limitations found in the home warranty contracts. But one thing you need to keep in mind and it is that these limits are only applied after the home warranty provider approves the repair.

  • Home square footage: The contracts of home warranty companies mainly come with square footage limits and other options for homes. So, before getting the home maintenance insurance make sure that you are not hit by the not covered decision by making it sure that you actually purchase the plan.
  • Code violation: While the home warranty repair is under way and the contractor discovers that the items were not installed according to the new codes or the city construction codes. Then there would be some extra costs involved for the repair like as permits.
  • Transfer to the new owner: The majority of the home warranty company contracts come with provisions, which allow the transfer of this insurance to new owners. But to do this, one must call the home warranty company and follow the exact process.
  • Heating and air conditioning system: Generally, there is a limit to the maximum size of heating or air conditioning system the home warranty service providers can work on. Here the maximum limit is 5 tons.
  • Trade fee or service call: There is one fee for every claim made on home warranty. The majority of the home warranty companies have the provision that they would waive the service call fee in case the contract claim is prepared for the similar issue within 2 months.
  • Accessing plumbing or AC components: While the covered components need access through some structure, the home warranty providers have a limit to access, then diagnose, repair or replace the components and therefore return the opening to the rough finish.
  • Water heater: This is a really shocker in case someone is not covered with the water heater. Some of the home warranty companies mainly have some age limits on the hot water heaters and they won’t replace the heater in case these are more aged than the limit. Additionally, in a number of cases, this is the square footage of the home and not the entire property, which affects the total cost of coverage.

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