Locksmiths provide much more than simple lock repairs

Locksmiths provide much more than simple lock repairs

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When people think of the word “locksmith,” the first thing that usually comes to mind is a professional that lets them into their home or car when they’re locked out. While this is an aspect of the job, the scope of locksmithing is actually much larger – as proved with All Masons Locksmiths in Northampton and their plethora of services.

Lock-picking and key extraction

Anybody can drill out a lock, but a quality locksmith can pick it open, virtually doing no harm to your hardware. If your key broke inside the lock cylinder (AKA the keyhole), a locksmith has the tools to extract the broken pieces and replace it.

Key cutting and re-key services

Rather than purchasing all new hardware for your home, a locksmith can re-key just the cylinder of each mechanism, rendering the previous key useless. A locksmith can also originate new keys or duplicate existing keys on site.

Access control

Access control options have evolved over the years. Older methods relied on a master key system that employed the use of several change keys to limit access. Newer options include electronic keypads or proximity fobs, eliminating the need for keys. Also, if an employee or house guest no longer requires access to the premises, a keypad is user-friendly to where the homeowner or business owner can delete old codes and input new codes themselves.

Hardware installation

If you prefer a deadbolt on your home and aren’t fond of the mortise lock currently there, a locksmith can make the hardware transition for you by installing new lock mechanisms where there weren’t locks before.

Window repairs and window locks

Windows are easy access points, and can be damaged during a home invasion. A locksmith is able to repair a broken window lock or provide you with a replacement. If you don’t have window security but would like some, ask your locksmith about different window lock options, such as a sash lock or a pin lock.

Professional Advice

Finally, if you’re not sure what style of lock is best for you, a locksmith can provide accurate information to help you make that choice. Locksmiths are able to determine what grade of lock is best for your situation, and can offer different styles and finishes that aesthetically complement your home.

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