Misconception about the villas in Whitefield suburbs

Misconception about the villas in Whitefield suburbs

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Most do prefer to live in the middle of the city. Everyone dreams to have their own residential apartment or own house in the city so that they can commute easily and can access to malls and other entertainment activities.

When it comes for suburban areas people think lack of facilities hamper the day to day life. This perception makes most of the home buyers not to buy the property in the sub urban areas though Builders are giving good offers with better facilities.

World class education institutions are indeed available in suburban areas. Don’t think reputed schools and colleges are devoid to consumers. Research says other things. Parents will get better deals from high quality schools and colleges. Not only you get quality tuition but also for affordable price.

Now living in suburban areas means you can have fresh air and can live a serene life. This is a perfect escape from the monotonous and boredom of modern life. There will be no stressful life. Residents can have organic farming in weekends. Nowadays commercial real estate focus malls big pharmacy and movie theaters. This can be leveraged full extent.  With all the facilities there is no excuse to leave a quality life in sub urban areas.

Coming to the actual profits you will get a large villa http://www.mimsbuilders.com/mims-crescenta/ ; a villa of two thousand five hundred square feet to four thousand square feet something that cannot be affordable. With this you will get front yard and back yard garden. Also you will get good insurance and also more loans comparing to the loans allocated to the property in middle of the city. In some instances Government will allow till 90 % of loan all you need to pay is 10% loan. Raising kids in suburbs has lots own advantages. Kids will get to know the hardships and a calm lifestyle that helps over all in their near future.

Secondly, you won’t have the burden of paying the taxes. The property taxes are quite phenomenally high compared to the normal apartment taxes. Mortgage interest rates are the next important thing you should consider while buying the villa. In this case leasing the villa means literally no headache of paying hefty mortgage interest rates. With so many risks involved in business and high level jobs, leasing helps these consumers enjoy occupancy with immediate finance. Yes for the leasing a decent down payment is needed and that too while leaving they get their money back. The revenue generated from these consumers over next two years can substantially spread across other investments. Once the job and business stabilizes it is safe to buy the villa. Till then leasing is the ideal choice.

With the above, it is time to spend a tour to neighbourhood. Request your sales guy to introduce a local resident, if possible a social worker or a leader of some kind of local community. Agent or a sales professional always think how can he or she can close the deal. However a local social worker will be a real opener to show the true picture of the locality. A local knowledge is a must before moving to any neighbourhood that too for long term.

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