Modern Kitchen Designs For Your Lovely House

Modern Kitchen Designs For Your Lovely House

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Are you planning to buy a new kitchen? Thinking about wonderful kitchen designs? If yes, then you have certainly landed at the right page. With such a large variety of kitchen designs and ideas available at the home improvement stores today, homeowners are sure to be confused. However, you must know that confusion arises only when you are not sure of your requirements and needs. If you have a clear idea of the appliances, cabinets, layout, lighting & fixtures, flooring etc. that you wish to have, things can be much easier for you.

5 tips for modern kitchen designs

  • Bright and light- Yes, kitchen is a place where you need the maximum light. You should plan the location of your kitchen in a way it receives the maximum sunlight all throughout the year. In other rooms, overhead lighting is just sufficient but not for the kitchen. In addition to this, you must ensure that the light in the kitchen is not behind you, as it will then cast a shadow on your work. The light should be bright and exactly in front of you, so that you are able to see and concentrate on cooking better.
  • Ample storage space- For sure, you cannot compromise with the storage space in your kitchen. You need to have a proper space for everything whether it is your microwave, refrigerator, utensils and other kitchen items. The experts suggest that you must go for overhead cabinets instead of keeping the top of the kitchen empty. With this, it is better to have deep drawers, so that you are able to keep all your utensils, pots, pans, jars, etc. safely in it. Drawers and cabinets will help you in keeping the things organized at all times.

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  • Safety first- It is always a wise idea to make your kitchen family-friendly and completely safe. The location of the kitchen should be such that you are able to have a clear visibility of the backyard and the main door area. This will ensure complete safety of your home even when you are cooking. To add on, you must avoid installing the flooring that can make you slip. Go for slip-resistant flooring, rounded countertops and appliances at a height.
  • Start new and fresh- While you are remodeling your kitchen, you must not think of using those old appliances that you have. No doubt, it will save your money but may pose huge problems in the future. The appliances that you bought half a decade ago will not fit into the new kitchen designs. In fact, you can save your money on other things like drawer handles and kitchen countertops. Thus, think wise and smart!
  • Ventilation- A kitchen should have proper ventilation. The kitchen with perfect ventilation is much easier to work in. You do not feel suffocated if you are working in good ventilated kitchen. Thus, this point must be considered while designing your kitchen.

Choosing the right kitchen color

You must be very particular while choosing the right shade for your kitchen walls. These days, white and grey are in trend, as they make your kitchen look bigger and airy. However, many homeowners experiment with colors like blue, red and yellow when it comes to the backsplashes of the kitchen. For those environment-friendly homemakers, shades of green can work best in the kitchen. However, it is best to keep such bright colors to a minimum. You don’t want colors to overpower everything else in your kitchen. Getting the balance right is the name of the game. If you looking out for some amazing kitchen designs? Then you must search something best for your kitchen today.

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