Must Know Maintenance Tips For Your Bathroom Enclosures

Must Know Maintenance Tips For Your Bathroom Enclosures

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If you thought choosing a good shower enclosure is the hardest part, wait until you become used to the maintenance part. The maintenance of a shower enclosure is as difficult as the buying decision. Unless you pay careful attention to the manufacturer’s manual of cleaning and maintenance you are sure to have a tough time finding out how to keep your shower enclosure dirt free.

Bathroom enclosures are expensive to install. Having a shower enclosure is definitely a great way of keeping your bathroom neat and moist free. Maintaining them on a regular basis is essential to enjoy the refreshment of a good shower.

There are numerous types of shower enclosures available in the market today. From sliding doors to walk-ins, the options are numerous for a homeowner who wants to prep his bathroom with more space for a quick shower. Each type of shower enclosure has its own maintenance requirements. It is essential that you know how to deal with it to avoid breaking it in the process of cleaning. A properly maintained glass enclosure will keep you free from the trouble of unexpected repairs.

Here are some useful tips to keep your bathroom shower enclosures in prime condition.

  • Avoid lifting the glass using the towel bar that is mounted on the glass. The abnormal pressure can make the glass crack and bring it breaking down. Even if it does not break, it is sure to weaken making it dangerous for use in the future.
  • Do not use hard scrubbing pads or abrasive substances for cleaning the glass. Use only soft linen material and prescribed substances for cleaning the glass. Using any other material can possibly scratch the surface and scar the beauty of your shower enclosure.
  • Avoid keeping any sharp or heavy objects near the glass. Sharp objects can scratch the surface and heavy objects have the risk of falling into the glass and breaking them.
  • Squeegee the glass on a weekly basis. This will reduce the possibility of water spotting and make your shower enclosure look neat and tidy.

It is important that you take into consideration the difficulty of maintaining the shower enclosure at the time of purchase itself. Ask questions to the dealer and get demos before you get you roll up your sleeves to start the cleaning process. Ensure that you have enough and more information about how to avoid mishaps that can damage or scratch the surface. Use only materials like a soft sponge or a squeegee to clean delicate surfaces that are exposed to the shower area. Don’t be in a rush and give yourself time to clean the enclosure. After any major renovation give a day or two for it to dry before you can resume its usage.

Author bio: The author is an experienced plumber who runs his own firm that renders services to malls, restaurants and luxury hotels. His maintenance tips for bathroom shower enclosures have helped numerous residences stay clutter free.

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