Outdoor Furniture Trends for This Year

Outdoor Furniture Trends for This Year

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When it comes to picking the best outdoor furniture for your garden,it is certainly no easy task. You are picking the furniture which can define how your whole outdoor living area will look, and will most likely be the deciding factor to creating an inviting and appealing setting. To ensure that you keep the trends in your garden up to scratch, take a look at some of the biggest trends you can expect to see this year.

Bring the Indoors Outdoors

A large trend which has developed over time is that ofoutdoor furnitureevolving to resemble the typical furniture we see indoors.So instead of the usual wicker pieces, we are seeing them replaced by plush sofa sets, and whether you’re getting rattan furniture in Manchester or Australia, the typical furniture set seen is upholstered with durable yet comfortable cushions and throws.

Bold Colour Combinations

Another big change we are seeing with modern garden trendsis a large difference with howcertain colours, patterns and textures are being incorporated into the gardens. The trend we are seeing in 2017 is to use vibrant, bright tones tacticallyby incorporating them into throws, pillows or whichever other small items you want to use,and thenhaving the furniture coloured in neutral shades to make the cushions and throws stand out more.

Matching with Accessories

The vast majority of outdoor living areas usually have a good garden space included with them. With one of the biggest inclusions being flower beds and a lawn area. A trend which has developed over the past year has been having the furniture used in the garden matching the same types of colours commonly seen in the flowers, or accessories used in the gardens – as this allows for a seamless look throughout the garden. For instance, this can be done by getting flower pots in neutral colours and then having your sofa sets the same colours. To then add a splash of colour, this can be done with having bright red colours, and planting roses in the plant pots.

Incorporating the Old with the New

A few years back, it would be extremely unlikely to mix modern décor with traditional décor, but with the current trends we’re seeing in 2017, this is no longer the case. Whether you have a traditional garden with historic stonework and traditional wicker furniture, or the opposite – it is now more than acceptable to mix these styles. The reason this trend has become so popular is because it makes your garden less dreary, but instead it becomes more quirky. If you want to be sure that your outdoor space does look livelier, you should also try and make sure you use the brighter colours too.

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