Pallavi Chhelavda Offers Vastu Tips for Residential & Commercial Real Estate Buyers

Pallavi Chhelavda Offers Vastu Tips for Residential & Commercial Real Estate Buyers

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Vastu has gained popularity in the recent times especially in the real estate sector. As people are increasingly getting inclined towards Vastu, the real estate companies are embracing the art of Vastu while constructing commercial and residential projects. Vastu is harmonization between human being and the five elements i.e. earth, air, sky, fire and water. In fact almost all real estate developers focus on Vastu with a prime motive of gaining prosperity from all the mentioned elements.

Being a renowned Vastu Feng Shui Consultant, Pallavi Chhelavda tells that Vastu helps in decreasing problems related to prosperity, wealth and health of the people within the house. This is done by modifying the directions and by slightly altering the exterior and interiors of the apartment or building.

Tips Offered by Pallavi Chhelavda While Planning to Invest in Real Estate

  • When looking for a commercial or residential real estate check the direction of the entrance door. The entrance door in South is known to bring in promotion and career growth for people working in MNCs. In addition, two doors in South of South East bring in money and increase the visitors in the shore or show room. However, two doors in South of South West bring in debt and poverty.
  • When it comes to room locations, refrain from buying house with bedrooms located in West- North- West, South- South- West and East- South- East Vastu zones. Also avoid properties in which the bathroom is located South West and North East. Remember that a shop or house having right planning as per Vastu can attract wealth, customers, profit and better health.
  • Before finalizing on a commercial or residential property, carry out an evaluation of certain important things such as boring, water tanks, balcony, kitchen, plants, open spaces, storage, colors, designs and slopes.
  • In case you are investing on the resale homes, you should check the right placement of paintings, symbols, household appliances and articles and sculptures.

In order to attract more growth and prosperity you should keep the North east area of the house free from clutter and also keep the idols of gods here. Moreover, ensure that the dustbins, brooms and toilets are kept in south- south west or in the east- south east. When it comes to the placing of the kitchen appliances such as induction over, cooking gas etc., place it in south east or south- south east direction of the house. In order to boost up affection, love and bonding within your family members, place a framed picture of the family in south- west zone of the house. Also place the gifts in the eastern zone of the house for better social connectivity.

Pallavi Chhelavda offers Vastushastra tips for office, home, kitchen, bedroom, and plots. At present she is associated with International Vastu Fengshui Research Institute as CEO. She has also written several books on this which have been translated into many other languages.

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