Property Dealers Are Easier To Find Than Travel Agents in India

Property Dealers Are Easier To Find Than Travel Agents in India

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The three basic needs of the human race are food, clothes and shelter, and shelter means ensuring a roof over onés head. Everyone aspires to own a piece of real estate since childhood. With that, the property dealers come to the scenario to ensure that everyone is connected to their dream house. Everyone tries to secure a house and then plan for travel, because without travelling people can still survive, but spending nights on the streets is never an option.

Though tourism is flourishing with time but there are certain aspects explained below on why it is easier to find property dealers than travel agents.

Property deals are more profitable

There is no second thought about it, for instance, property dealers in Mumbai can make huge sums of money by selling a flat in a prime location or even in the suburbs, whereas for a travel agent, definitely the margin is not that much, even if someone is opting for an international tour.

More home seekers than travelers

At any point of time there are definitely more number of home seekers than the people struck by wanderlust. So, the chances are high for the property dealers to get more prospects and convert them into deals

Traveling is a luxury wherein a house is a need

To be very candid, traveling is more of a luxury proposition for the masses whereas opting for a house is a necessity. Be it for rent or possession, real estate dealers make money in both ways. The travel agents cater not only to ticketing but also in tailoring the tours and people always look for a cheaper way, so that they can spend on buying or gifts, whereas people looking for house, are sometimes ready to stretch themselves to make a comfortable living.

Traveling makes you splurge for a specific period of time, i.e. you can look forward to a holiday for a week or two, whereas owning a house is a lifetime achievement which provides you with an asset expected to appreciate over a period of time. Though the experience of being to a new city is undoubtedly priceless, a house provides you with a peaceful sleep at the end of the day for a lifetime. Looking at the present scenario, wherein the real estate market looks promising, people prioritize asset accumulation more than experience of seeing new places.

Finally, to consider this situation from a socio – economic point of view, real estate is more in demand than tourism, although tourism itself is a subset of the real estate industry (with resorts and hotel properties). Hence, to meet the demand, people are opting to work as real estate or property dealers. It is also not very difficult to start off as a property dealer, since you need to keep yourself updated with the real estate news and markets, but the knowledge of a travel agent should encompass not only the landmarks and the proper sightseeing destinations, but also the rich legacy of the cities. And yes, anyone experiencing wanderlust also craves for homecoming day from the bottom of his heart to savor the homemade food and relax with his/her family at the end of the day.

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