Reduce Your Electricity Bills-Get Efficient Hot Water System During Cold Weathers

Reduce Your Electricity Bills-Get Efficient Hot Water System During Cold Weathers

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Water heating is a process where an energy source is used to increase the temperature of the water. Typical uses of hot water for domestic purposes include cooking, bathing, cleaning or for taking steam. For home usage the water is generally heated in water heaters, kettles, heating rods or geysers. These devices heat only small quantities of water based on consumption. Whereas for industrial purposes where continuous supply of hot water is required big hot water tanks, boilers or heat exchangers are used. Electricity is one of the most important sources for heating water but nowadays solar energy is also being used widely for the purpose.

Hot water system can be broadly divided into four categories based on the source of energy being used:

1. The electric hot water system, which consists of a water storage tank which gets heated due to electrical connection. The regular electricity bill for this system can go up, although the initial cost can be too small. You can use this system for your domestic and commercial premises, and they are portable enough to carry from one place to another. For instance, you can carry hot water heaters or install Hydronic or hot water heating under the floors during the winter months.

2. How natural gas is a convenient system for hot water?

Using natural gas for water heating is cheaper as compared to electricity since the variations in gas prices is not very high. You do not need constant power supply for this, and hence there are no additional running costs. Moreover, they do not lead to any pollution. These heaters are generally installed outdoors due to requirement of proper ventilation.

3. Solar heating:

It consists of large solar collector panels, which should be installed; in such a way they receive that maximum sunlight. The solar-based water heating systems attract rebates from government in many states.

4. Heat Pump

a) It is an electric storage tank which works in a same way like a refrigerator. It extracts heat from the air to heat the water in the tank.

b) They need to be installed outdoors in a well ventilated area

Though all hot water systems use similar tanks but the quality of water in the particular area can be one major deciding factor. After deciding on the water heating method the next step is to decide on the type of storage tank that one may want to use.


This is what one must look for while selecting tanks?

  • Stainless steel tanks are little expensive but they generally last longer and don’t require much maintenance as a mild steel tank, which may get corroded over a period of time.
  • Apart from normal steel tank instantaneous water heating tanks are also available. They heat only that much water, which is needed, and they are cheaper to run.
  • Ceramic tanks are also gaining popularity as they can be used with Hard water as well

Also when selecting a water heating systems we need to keep in mind the following:

  • Understand the capacity requirement for home use like one person generally requires 50L of hot water every day.
  • Other factors such as the quantity of water used in dish washers, washing machines also need to be considered for special use
  • Professional suppliers of such products should do these analyses of usage.
  • Look for energy efficient star ratings while selecting these devices; more the stars more are the savings on your electricity bill.

If you want advantage of the best hot water system, then you can also contact reputed online companies which supply purified hot water. Visit this link to get more details about water system.

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