Repairs and servicing of Roller Shutters for commercial places

Repairs and servicing of Roller Shutters for commercial places

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Roller shutters are necessary for your home and commercial places because of the security purposes. The increasing rate of burglaries, theft and vandalism can affect your property and damage your valuable things within few minutes. If you want save your property then you must install the roller shutters all places and it provides you with the best security and privacy protection. Roller shutter is mainly designed with metal materials like aluminum and stainless steel. You can find some wooden roller shutters in the market but these are not much safe as the metallic ones. After installation, you have to maintain the roller shutter preciously because if you do not maintain it properly then it might be damaged due to rust, rain water and dust. For the maintenance of the roller shutter you have to avail these services from professional roller shutter repair services.

How to find a reputed repairing service?

Though the design of most of shutters is the same, the method of operation is different. While some are manually lifted by hands some are fitted with a gear box with a handle which has to be cranked in order to either lift the shutter or to bring it down. So accordingly, you need to consult professional and reputed roller shutter repairs service to bring down the monthly or the yearly cost of maintenance of your roller shutters. The roller shutter repairs service checks the cord, strings, the channels, the rails, the swiftness of the shutters, the way they are operated manually or automatically, and also the materials of the shutters, before they start the repairing work.

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Problems that arise in Rolling Shutters

  • Manual shutters are fitted around a strong pipe with a torsion spring which aids in lifting the shutter; the sides are inserted into a channel which acts as a frame, the shutter rolls around the pipe when it is open.
  • Regular inspection of the springs has to be undertaken as they take a lot of pressure, the same applies to the shaft around which the shutter rolls when it is open.
  • The slats which are hinged into each other should also be inspected regularly since they are moving parts and are vulnerable to wear and tear.
  • In the case of shutters which are operated with a gear box the gear assembly should be checked regularly and the components should be individually inspected as they work as a unit, any problem with even a small part could result in the breakdown of the whole assembly.
  • Shutters which are fitted with electrical motors have to be checked for both mechanical as well as electrical defects. The electrical motor should be checked by an electrician who will check the torque etc., of the motor and ensure that all its parts are working properly.

Ways to ensure that Shutters are in good condition

The simplest way to ensure that rolling shutters are functioning smoothly is to engage the services of qualified and experienced maintenance and repairs firms or individuals in your city or town. Make sure that they offer a guarantee for their services.

  • Some simple ways of taking care of shutters is to grease all moving parts regularly, paint them with industrial quality paint and clean them regularly to prevent accumulation of dust and other undesirable material.
  • If you are a DIY enthusiast you can try out small repairs which are within your limits and if necessary take the help or advice of more knowledgeable persons.

It is suggested that if you have any requirement of the repair of roller shutter then you must hire some professionals and take their advice because these professionals can handle this task properly and it is related to your security and safety, so you must ensure the maintenances of the roller shutter at an ultimate level.

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