Replacement of Conventional Windows and Doors with Double Glazing

Replacement of Conventional Windows and Doors with Double Glazing

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There has been a great deal of interest in double glazed doors and windows.

The awareness about the benefits of double glazing in construction has proved itself to be greatly in demand in the marketplace, evident by the amount of growth in this sector of the construction industry.

As the awareness has grown, not only has the demand for new units increased but so has that of the old. In other words, there has been a remarkable increase in existing home and building owners to have their current doors and windows replaced with double glazing construction.

Today, there are numerous contractors and construction companies that cater to this exact need. One merely has to check online or any other source of information for the list of contractors who can get the job done, and expect everything to be finished in no time.

While it might sound like a simple task, there are some considerations that must be given to the whole process. Unless these considerations are given proper thought, there is the likelihood of one ending up making some very bad decisions somewhere down the road.

In general, here are the considerations that one must look into, before having one’s doors and windows replaced by a contractor with double glazing.

1.) Initial Costs

Double glazing isn’t cheap. It comes at a cost that can be several times that of a normal window or door, depending on the context and situation.

This will lead to one spending a lot of money, if finances aren’t properly planned out.

2.) Installation Costs

In addition to the unit costs, there is also the installation cost, which is paid to the contractor and the workers to get everything done.

While it is possible to do the entire process by oneself, it can lead to the finished result being less than what was expected.

3.) Energy Savings

The amount of energy savings that one will get might not be as much as they expect. This is especially true when one is living in an area that has extremes of temperatures, be it warm or cool.

If one is living in a place that has a moderate temperature throughout the year, the amount of energy savings might not be something that is significant.

4.) Cost Savings

Energy savings lead to cost savings. This is a general rule of thumb that must be followed whenever one is considering the replacement of existing doors or windows with double glazing.

This is something that has to be considered beforehand. The total amount of cost savings should justify the transition to double glazing.

5.) Structural Integrity

Replacement of any fixture of a building will require some amount of modification to the building’s structure.

This can prove to have a significant impact on the structural integrity of the building, possibly leading to the building’s collapse if the structure is significantly weakened.

The building should be thoroughly inspected and evaluated before any decision is taken regarding its modification. Only when it has been certified by a qualified civil engineer can renovation work be taken up.

As a whole, while the shift to double glazing can prove to be advantageous in numerous ways, it should be done in a planned manner.

This will ensure that one can get all the benefits while avoiding any and all drawbacks, in both the short as well as the long term.

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